.             Jackson Bond, c1868-69 -   , poss s/o Nathan Bond
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

26   Jackson Bond,6                                                                       ?  2    (Nathan,5,Stephen,4,Joseph,3,Benjamin,2,Edward,1)
.         "Jack"
.           b ca 1868-69 Pulaski Co, Va; s/o Rhoda, father unknown, acc to his marr rec, which gives his age in 1888 as 19.
.              Acc to some postings on
www.genforum.com, Jackson Bond was killed in a mining accident in Welch, McDowell Co, WVa, but
.              no details given.
.              Rhoda is apparently the widow of Nathan Bond, whom she had married 23 Dec 1855 Carroll Co, but if Nathan was the father, he
.              was age 85 when Jackson was born, plus they apparently had separated by 1860.  She was Rhoda Simpkins, b ca 1831-34 Gray-
.              son Co, Va, d/o Henry and Elizabeth Simpkins.   Rhoda m(2) 18 Nov 1877 Pulaski Co to
Jeremiah H. (Jerry,Jara) Goad (#A6).
.              There is the possibility that Jackson was the same person as
Floyd Jackson Goad (#A61), b 1 Nov 1867 Floyd Co, Va, s/o "Jacob
.              and Martha", and listed by me as Jeremiah Goad's son.  Since Jackson,12, in the 1880 census with Jerry and Rhoda Goad, was
.              nearly the same age as Floyd J.,3, with Jara H. and Marthena in 1870, this seems to insinuate they were the same person, although
.              the mother of Floyd J. was given as Martha in the birth rec.  Floyd Jackson Goad moved to Fayette Co, WVa and married there in
.              1894, age 26, no parents listed in his marr or death recs.
.           m 1 Aug 1888 Pulaski Co, Va to Joannah Hurst, b 29 May (or 16 Jun) 1864 Va, d/o Calvin Hurst and Virginia Nunn.

.           1870 Floyd Co, Va census, Indian Valley, p 34, #270/254, Nancy Bond,72 Va, invalid, $100, --, Jara H. Goad,37 Va, farmer, --,
.                    $100, Marthena,24 Va, Sirena E.,5 Va, Floyd J.,3 Va, James Bond,36 Va, day laborer, John Bond,21 Va, day laborer.
.           1870 Pulaski Co census, Wassee Twp, p 14, #98/92, Rhoda "Browns",33 Va, keeps house, Mary,16 Va.
.                    Living next to Abraham and Rachael Odell, parents of Rhoda's future son-in-law Jacob, with Martha "Browns" in same house-
.                    hold.
.           1880 Pulaski Co, Va census, Hiwassie Dist, p 258B, #256/263, Jerry Goard,50 Va, works on farm, Rhoda,48 Va, Jackson,12 Va,
.                    works on farm.
.           1900 Pulaski Co census, Hiwassee Dist, ED 46, sheet 4A, #55/62, Joannah Bond, May 1864 Va (wid, 7 ch, 4 living), farmer (labo-
.                    rer), Hattie, Jun 1890 Va, Gracie, Sep 91 Va, Clarence, Feb 94 Va, Leeroy, Apr 96 Va.
.           1910 Pulaski Co census, Hiawassie Twp, ED 46, sheet 1A, #8/8, Joannah Bond,46 Va (wid, 7 ch, 4 living), Gracey,18 Va, cook,
.                    private home, Clarence,16 Va, carpenter, house, Leroy,14 Va.
.           1920 census, family not located.

.           issue:

1.   Hattie Mae Bond, b 26 Jun 1890 Va, d 6 Apr 1924 Pulaski, m 29 Dec 1909 Pulaski Co to Dallas Lee Turpin, b Apr 1886 Va,
.                 d prior 1920, s/o Henry Thomas Turman and Lucretia S. Showalter.  Hattie was d/o Henry Bond and Joanah Hurst acc to her
.                 death rec.
.                 1910 census, family not located.
.                 1920 Pulaski Co census, Mox Creek Pct, Hiwassee Dist, ED 59, sheet 15B, #242/244, Hattie Turpin,29 Va (wid), (no occup),
.                          Violet,9 Va, Freda,7 Va, Beulah,5 Va.
.                 1930 census, family not located.
.                 issue:
a.   Violet Turpin, b ca 1911 Va.
b.   Freda Mae Turpin, b 8 Aug 1912 Pulaski Co, d 19 Mar 2005 Pulaski Co, m 6 Mar 1935 to James Theodore Cox (Theo-
.                       dore, b 3 Oct 1907 Pulaski Co, d 23 Jun 1972, s/o
Voyce Pierce Cox (#11132) and Narcissus Ann Duncan (Sis).
c.   Beulah Turpin, b ca 1915 Va.
d.   Dallis Lee Turpin, b 30 Jul 1918 Pulaski Co, d 24 Nov 1918 Pulaski Co, "s/o Dallis L. Turpen and Hattie Banks".

2.   Grace Pearl Bond, b 15 Oct 1891 Pulaski Co, d 24 Dec 1981 Pulaski Co (SSDI 213-16-5409 Md), m 25 Jul 1910 McDowell
.                 Co, WVa to Charles Rufus Tolliver, b 16 May 1888 Alleghany Co, NC, d 29 Feb 1936 Harford Co, Md.
.                 Grace's LR: Woodlawn, Carroll Co, Va 24381.  She was d/o Jack Bonds and Joanna Hurst acc to her death rec.
.                 1920 McDowell Co, WVa census, Premier Dist, ED 56, sheet 3B, #57/57, Chas Tolliver,44 NC, miner, coal mine, Grace,32 Va,
.                          Jesse,8 WVa, Claud,7 NC, Paul,5 WVa, Violet,3 Va, Other,1 WVa.
.                 1930 Harford Co, Md census, 3rd Dist, ED 13-13, sheet 5A, #90/91, Charles R. Tolliver,44 NC (marr age 22), farmer, general
.                          farm, Grace,38 Va (marr age 16), Jessie,18 WVa, laborer, farm, Claude,17 NC, laborer, farm, Paul,15 WVa, Viola,13 Va,
.                          Otho,11 WVa, Hattie,6 Md, James,5 Md.
.                 1940 Harford Co census, Dist 3, Bel Air, ED 13-13, sheet 4A, #71, Grace Tolliver,48 Va (wid), farm owner farm, Claud,27 NC,
.                          farm laborer, farm, Other S.,25 WVa, laborer, farm,  James,15 Md, Garnet,7 Md, Garland,7 Md.
.                 issue:
a.   Jesse Tolliver, b ca 1912 WVa.
b.   Claude Tolliver, b ca 1913 NC.
c.   Paul Tolliver, b ca 1915 WVa.
d.   Viola Mae Tolliver, b 1 Jan 1917 Pulaski Co, Va, m(1) 5 Oct 1938 Grayson Co to Kyle Smith, b ca 1917 Alleghany Co,
.                       NC, d prior 1971, s/o Luther Smith and Leavie Higgins.  Viola m(2) 4 Jun 1971 Carroll Co to Ruben Levi Easter, b 14 Feb
.                       1918, s/o Valentine and Laura Easter.  Ruben had m(1), d prior 1971.
e.   Other ?L. Tolliver, b ca 1919 WVa.
f.    Hattie P. Tolliver, b ca 1924 Md.
g.   James Tolliver, b ca 1925 Md.
h.   Garnet Leroy Tolliver, b ca 1932-33 Baltimore, Md, m 10 Jul 1953 Pulaski Co to Claudine Glenna Buckner, b ca 1936 Pul-
.                       aski Co, d/o Pierce Buckner and Daisy East.
i.   Garland Tolliver, b ca 1933 Md.

3.   Clarence Evert Bonds, b 16 Feb 1894 Pulaski Co, Va, m Lavonia Covey.
.                 He was s/o Jack Bonds and Johanna Hurst acc to his death rec.

4.   Lee Roy Bonds, b 8 Apr 1896 Va.
.                 1917, 5 Jun: Pulaski Co, Va: WW I draft registration card: Lee Roy Bonds, b 8 Apr 1896 Pulaski Co, Va, age 21; of  Hiawas-
.                           see; occupation: farmer; single; supports: mother; claimed exemption for physical disability; described as: medium height
.                           and build, gray eyes, d brown hair.  See
image below.
.                 1920 and 1930 census', Leroy not located.  In 1930 there was a LeRoy Bonds,34 DC (marr age 23), with wife Blanch B.,29 Va
.                          (marr age 18), living in Washington, DC, but no proof this is same person as Lee Roy.

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.                            She states that Joannah Hurst m Jackson Bond.
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