.                    William Collier of Southwestern Virginia
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.       William Collier,1                                                                                                                                    (ancestry unknown)
.            Little detailed information on him, other than he was in the 1770 Pittsylvania Co, Va tax list, with he and Aaron Collier listed
.            together.

.            William was apparently the William Collier who was one of the "long hunters" who traveled and hunted in western Virginia in the
.            period 1760-75, before the area was settled, and was mentioned in "
Early Adventures on the Western Waters", Kegley & Kegley,
.            Vol 1, p 81-84. William Collier was mentioned in depositions in the court records of Augusta Co, Va about 1800-04:
.                   "William Collier deposes that in the winter and spring preceding Christian's campaign he remained at the Camp of Thomas
.                     Lovelady.  William was a hunter and trapper."  This was about 1770-71, and refers to the settlement in Turkey Cove in
.                     Powell's Valley in present Lee Co, Va.   Also: "Collier was always called Lying Bill Collier."  The above references seem
.                     likely to be the same William Collier, as Aaron Collier later lived in the exact area of Lee Co where the older William Collier
.                     previously visited.

.            The following references (not all of which are proven to be for the same William) show that William Collier was living in the area
.            of Frying Pan Creek in Pittsylvania Co, the exact same area that
Abraham Goad (#3) (father of Elizabeth Goad Collier, below)
.            obtained a land grant in 1769:

.            1741 Surry Co, Va:
William Collier was a witness for the deed of gift by Ambrose Jackson to Ambrose Jackson Jr.
.            1752 Lunenberg Co, Va tithable list:
Wm Collier.  (a John Collier and his son Thomas also listed)
.            1770 Pittsylvania Co, Va tithable list: William Collier and Aaron Collier listed together, with one taxable amount assessed, appar-
.                     ently to William.
.            1771, 28 Nov: Vestry Bk of Camden Parish, Pittsylvania Co: Ordered that John Wheeler,
William Collier, and Thomas Collier
.                      procession all the patent land from the Old Woman's Creek up Stanton River to Pigg River, thence up Pigg River to the Fry-
.                      ing Pan Creek, thence up the said creek to the head, thence along the ridge that divides Stanton waters from Banister waters
.                      to the head of Old Woman's Creek, thence down the same to Stanton River at the beginning &c. &c.
.            1778, Jan: Pvt Wm Coller (Collier) on muster roll, in Capt Peter Garland Co, 6th Va Regmt, from Lunenberg Co, Va.
.            1791, 21 Nov: Pittsylvania Co Deed Bk 9, p 89: from Samuel Watkins, and Mary Watkins, his mother, of Pittsylvania Co to John
.                      Givins of Pittsylvania Co for ___  about 150A in Pittsylvania Co on Burches Cr and bounded by Stone,
William Collier,
.                      John Scales, Robert Walters.  Signed Samuel Watkins, Mary (X her mark) Watkins.  Recorded Nov 21, 1791
.            1804 Lee Co, Va Chancery Court Case (O.S. 36; N.S.12 records in Staunton, Va):
William Collier made deposition, which inclu-
.                     ded a statement that he hunted in Turkey Cove in Lee County in 1776.

.            The following statement came from Theodore R. (Ted) Collier PhD in 1984  (see info on him in ref below):
.                "I cannot tell if it was Aaron's father or another Wm who first visited Turkey Cove.  Further, Wm along with a John and the lat-
.                 ter's son Thomas appear on a tithe in Bedford (then Lunenburg) Co in 1752.  The family appears on both sides of the Staunton
.                 River for the next half century plus, near where Bedford, Campbell, and Pittsylvania now meet.  The first Shadrack appears in
.                 the 1770's, along with a Meshack who died 9-18-1776 as a soldier in Capt (?Gros) Scrugg's Comp, 5th Va Continental Line."

.            issue:

1.   Aaron Collier, b 15 Jan 1750 Bedford Co (then Lunenburg Co), Va, m(1) Elizabeth Goad, m(2) Francis (Frankey) ____.
.                  He has been misidentified by many as the Aaron Collier, son of John and Sisely Collier of Augusta Co, Va, but their son Aaron
.                  died in 1789 in Lincoln Co, Ky, after the entire clan moved there.
.                  The 1770 Pittsylvania Co tithable lists proves Aaron's relationship to William Collier.

2       ?  
2.   Shadrack Collier, b ca 1754 Bedford Co (supposedly), m(1) Rhoda ____, m(2) (common law) to Edith Bab Hardy (Edy,Eda).
.                  No specific evidence that he was William's son, except he lived in the same general area as Aaron Collier, and Aaron named one
.                  of his sons Shadrack.

.            Various references at
www.rootsweb.com mention William Collier, but no original sources given:  These may be for different Wil-
.            liam Colliers:

.            One version:
.            William Collier, b 1718 Pittsylvania Co/Bedford Co, Va, m(1) ____, m(2) Mary Carter (Frances), and had children Aaron J. and
.            Shadrack Collier.  William was son of John Collier and Nancy (Anne) Eppes.  John was son of Charles Collier, son of William Col-
.            lier and Sallie Dulliford.  (the middle initial J. for Aaron is a confusion with his son Aaron J.)

.            Other versions:
.            William Collier, b 10 Feb 1724 (or 1732) King and Queen Co, Va, m Mary (Frances) Carter.  William was son of Capt John Collier
.            and his 2nd wife Nancy (Anne) Eppes.  John was son of Charles Collier and Mary Iyers (Eyers).  Charles was son of William Col-
.            lier and Sarah Mary (Sallie) Culliford.  One source claimed the wife of William b 1724, was Gabrielle Carter, and his death date was
.            1815.

.            Some of these sources claim that John Collier, who married Sisely Hall, and whose will was prob 1765 in Augusta Co, Va, was the
.            son of the above John Collier, whose second wife was Nancy (Anne) Eppes.  John's 1st wife was Francis Elizabeth Ironmonger.
.            This would mean that William was a half-brother of John Collier who died in 1765.  However some of the sources claim a different
.            John Collier to be the son of Capt John Collier, namely John Collier, b 1707, d 1759, who lived and died in King and Queen Co,
.            Va, and whose will proves him to not be the one who died 1765 Augusta Co.
.            Only some of the sources list William as a son of John, son of Capt John, and looking at the entire picture it seems that both Wil-
.            liam and John, d 1765, were arbitrarily tacked onto Capt John Collier's list of children, and this information blindly copied by
.            many.  In summary, there are so many different versions of these Colliers that with the information presented, one couldn't make
.            any firm conclusions of these relationships.
.            Other sources say that a William Collier, b ca 1720 Surry Co, Va, was a son of John Collier and Sarah Briggs.  Another William
.            Collier, b 23 Jun 1718 Gloucester, Va, was a son of James Collier and Louisa Heston.

.            Acc to Ted Collier (see below), John and James Collier each patented 400 acres on Buffalo Creek, Augusta Co, Va on 12 Jan 1746.
.            Apparently James died before 1760 and his closest relative was John, who inherited under primogeniture James' 400 acres.  John
.            in turn left that 400 acres to his eldest son Alexander (see John's 1760 will in Augusta Co and Botetourt Co and Rockbridge Co
.            Deed Bk 1, p 404, 3 Aug 1778).

.            Ref:  1.   Theodore M. (Ted) Collier, PhD, PO Box 55235, Valencia, Ca 91355 (1984 address).  He is descended from a John Col-
.                           lier, who had sons Ambrose, Meshack, and James, who moved to Lawrence Co, Ohio in the early 1800's.  His family
.                           tradition is that "our Colliers came from the Scots Robertsons, one of whom changed his name when saved from pursuers
.                           by hiding in a collier (coal mine or barge).  There are several historical references to such an event."  Ted may be the Theo-
.                           dore M. Collier who was a 1940 graduate of Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America.  He is appa-
.                           rently the one honored by the
Theodore M. Collier Memorial Scholarship for Political Science at the College of the Can-
.                           yons, Santa Clarita, Cal, since Valencia is quite near Santa Clarita.  He may be the Theodore Collier, who was b 28 Sep
.                           1903, d 5 Apr 1988 Fresno Co, Cal.  I mention Ted in detail, since he was the first person (whom I have encountered)
.                           who has shown that Aaron Collier of Lee County was not the son of John Collier of Augusta Co.  Ted also provided the
.                           info on the "1771" Pittsylvania Co tax list, which he says listed "Aaron Collier, age 16-21, son of William".  (this was the
.                           1770 list actually)
.                     2.   Ken Collier's email:
kensbuzzed@gmail.com, provided the actual 1770 Pittsylvania Co tithable list.

.            Note: Fred Graham summarized the early Collier ancestry well in an 11 Aug 2000 posting at
www.genforum.com, email: fgraham@prodigy.net