.                Aaron Collier, 1750 - 1842, s/o William Collier
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

1    Aaron Collier,2                                                                                                                                                           (William,1)
.         b 15 Jan 1750 Bedford Co (Lunenburg Co then), Va; d 18 Jun 1842 Lee Co, Va.
.             Many sources give his middle initial as "J.", but this is most likely a confusion with his son Aaron J.)
.             Supposedly his father's name was given as William in 1771 tax list, see below, acc to Ref 5 below.  I have not seen this tax list,
.             and other researchers have not been able to find it.
.         m(1) Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1755, d/o
Abraham Goad (#3) and Joanna (?Wheatley).  She died Jul 1830, acc to her son Shadrack's
.                  1853 declaration (see below).  Elizabeth's name has been erroneously listed as Elizabeth Berry Goad, apparently a confusion
.                  with the name of the wife of Aaron's son Aaron J. Collier.  There is no evidence for this middle name, but it has been often
.                  repeated.   Aaron and Elizabeth apparently either divorced or separated, she stayed in Grayson Co, and he moved to Lee Co,
.                  Va.
.         m(2) Francis (Frankey) ____, b 1780's.  She was born in NC, according to some of her children's 1880 census records.

.         1770 Pittsylania Co, Va tithable list: William Collier and Aaron Collier listed together, with one taxable amount assessed, apparent-
.                  ly to William.  (this was quoted by Ref 5 below as "Aaron Collier, age 16-21, son of William", in "1771" in error)
.         1772 Aaron moved to Indian Ridge, Burks Fork (in Botetourt Co, Va then).
.         1773 Fincastle Co, Va list of delinquents, returned by James McGavock:  Aron Collier.
.         1773 Fincastle Co list of delinquents, returned by Daniel Trigg, Sheriff:  Aron Collier "not found".
.         1774 Montgomery Co, Va Deed Bk A, p 142:  Aaron Collier patented land on Indian Ridge, Burks Fork, Big Island Creek.
.         1777 Aaron took the oath of allegiance.  He was in the Montgomery Co militia, under Capt William Bobbitt, and Capt Isham.
.         1777 Aaron's 1st tour of service in the Rev War, under Capt George Pearis, down the New River.
.         1777 List of persons sworn to the state in Capt McCorkle's Company of Montgomery Co by Stephen Trigg:  Aaron Collure.
.         1780 Aaron's 2nd tour of service in the Rev War, against the Tories on the Yadkin River in NC.
.         1782 Montgomery Co tax list:  Aaron Collier, 1 poll.
.         1783, May (presented to the land office prior to this date): 45 acres surveyed for Aaron Collier in southwest Va by Thomas Walker
.                   Esq on behalf of the Loyal Land Company.
.         1783, 30 Jan: Montgomery Co: 160 acres on Br Waters Burks Fork and New River surveyed for Aaron Collier.
.         1783, 29 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list:  Aaron Collier, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 7 horses.
.         1789, 20 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C, Big Reed Island Cr, Big Snake and Burks Fork:  Aaron Collier, no WM 16-21, no slaves,
.                   2 horses.
.         1789, 3 Nov: Montgomery Co Court Order Bk 4, p 93:  Abraham Goad assignee, Aron Collier's claim for 1 old wolf.
.         1792/93 Montgomery Co tax list N:  Aaron Collier.
.         1793 Wythe Co, Va tax list A:  Aaron Collier.
.         1794, 27 May: Grayson Co, Va:  Aaron Collier served on jury.
.         1795 Grayson Co tax list:  Aaron Collier.
.         1798, 26 Mar: Grayson Co Deed Bk 1, p 269:  Aaron and Elizabeth Collier deeded 120 acres on Big Snake Creek, branch of Big
.                   Reed Island, to Randolph Collier for 30 lbs.
.         1798-99:  Aaron moved to Lee Co, Va.
.         1799 Lee Co tax list, Aaron Collier, 1 white male, 1 horse.
.         1800 Lee Co tax list, Aaron Coller, 1 white male, 1 horse.
.         1800, 4 Aug:  Lee Co Deed Bk 1, p 167 (rec 12 Aug):  Aaron Collier gave misc personal property to dau Mary for 35 shillings.
.         1801 Grayson Co Deed Bk 2, p 136:  Aaron Collier sold his Burks Fork land to Joseph Hiatt.
.         1802, 10 May:  Lee Co Deed Bk 1, p 299:  Aaron Collier purchased 160 acres in Turkey Cove from John Diston, for 100 lbs.
.         1803, 16 Apr:  Lee Co Deed Bk 2, p 29:  Aaron Collier purchased 25 acres in Turkey Cove from William McCutcheon.
.         1810, 2 Apr:  Lee Co: Aaron Collier, assignee of Adam Eby, granted 250 acres on the north side of Wallings Ridge in Turkey
.                   Cove, by virtue of an exchange of Treasury Warrant Number 1842, issued 27 May 1806 and surveyed 20 Jul 1808.
.         1810, 24 May:  Lee Co tax list:  Aron Collier, 1 white tithable, no slaves, 4 horses.
.         1817 Grayson Co delinquent tax list:  Aaron Collier, 260 acres.
.         1820 Lee Co census, p 127, Aaron Collier, 210101-11201-02.
.         1827, 10 Feb: Lee Co Deed Bk 5, p 437:  Aaron Collier deeded to his son Aaron Collier Jr, land in Turkey Cove, on which Aaron
.                   Collier Sr lives, for $1.  (Ref 1, below, states that this deed records Aaron's wife as "Frankey".)
.         1830 Lee Co census, p 296, Aaron Collier, 0011000001-0001101.
.         1834, 8 Sep: Lee Co Deed Bk 7, p 60:  Aaron Jr, Solomon, Jehu, and Isaac Collier agreed to provide support for Aaron Sr and
.                   Frankey Collier in return for their interest in certain properties.  ".. for and in consideration of the natural love and affection
.                   that he entertained for the said Aaron, Jr, Solomon, Jehu, and Isaac Collier did some time since execute a deed of gift of his
.                   lands where he now lives..."
.         1835, 23 Jun:  Hawkins Co, Tenn: Aaron Collier applied for a pension for RW service, giving his residence as Lee Co, Va.  The
.                   application (file R2111) was rejected, since he could not prove service over 6 mos.  He listed his birth date as 15 Feb 1750
.                   Bedford Co, Va.  He stated that he was living in Montgomery Co, Va when he entered service in Jun 1780.
.         1840 Lee Co census, p 97, Aaron Colyer, 10001000001-00100001.
.         1853, 6 Jan: Shadrack Collier, age 71, appeared before a Justice of the Peace (prob in Carroll Co, Va), and stated that his father
.                   Aaron died in Jun 1842, and his mother Elizabeth died in Jul 1830.  He was trying to obtain power of attorney to receive
.                   pension benefits for his father's Rev War service.  This document is included in Aaron's pension file.

.         issue:

1.   Mary Collier, b 1765-70, d 1840's, m 24 Jul 1786 Pittsylvania Co, Va to James Goad (#231), b ca 1758 Va, s/o Abraham and
.               Anne Goad.  Minister for marr was Rev David Barr, a Presbyterian.

.     ?  
2.   Edith Collier, b ca 1780 Va, d 1859, m Ayers Goad (#233), b ca 1780 Va, d 16 Sep 1855 Greene Co, Ind, s/o Abraham and
.               Anne Goad.  Lived in Anderson and Monroe Cos, Tenn, and moved to Greene Co, Ind in the 1830's.

.     ?  
3.   Francis Collier, m 18 Jul 1793 Montgomery Co, Va to James Roche.  Marriage bond: "Frances Colyer, father Aaron Colyer."
.               She was most likely not a d/o Aaron and Elizabeth, acc to Ted Collier (see ref below), who says that she "is undoubtedly the
.               daughter of Aaron of Rockbridge (s/o John and Sisely).  That Aaron signs his name Aron Colyer on the marriage consent and
.               is also shown as signing deeds in Rockbridge.  Aaron of Bedford used an X until the end of his life.  His pension application
.               was similarly executed..."   However, other indirect info from Ted indicated he felt Aaron and Elizabeth were Francis' parents,
.               since Aaron of Rockbridge had died previously in 1789 in Lincoln Co, Ky (see below).  Aaron of Lee Co had another dau Fran-
.               ces, b ca 1808, by his 2nd wife Francis, but having two children with same name, but so different in ages wasn't a rare occur-
.               ence.  This James Roche, may be the James Roach, whose son Joshua Roach, b ca 1802 Ky, m Margaret (Peggy) Goad, d/o the
.               the above
Ayers Goad (#233).  If so, this may be the James Roach listed in the 1830 Monroe Co, Tenn census, Regmt 98, p
.               150, 001110001-01000001, with the older male b 1760's, and the older female b 1770's.  This James wasn't in Monroe Co in
.               1840, but Joshua's father was apparently the James Roach in the 1840 Greene Co, Ind census, p 227, 0200010001-000000001,
.               with the older male b 1760's, and the older female b 1770's, which matches the ages of the 1830 Monroe Co James.  The Roach
.               family wasn't in Greene Co in the 1830 census.  This older couple not located in 1850.  James Roach of Greene Co had sons
.               Joshua, James M., John, and Henry, acc to "
History of Greene Co, Indiana".  James Sr d ca 1847 and his wife was Francis.
.               James Sr m(2) Francis Lawrence, d/o Joseph Lawrence.

4.   William Randolph Collier (Randolph,Randle), b ca 1775 (or ca 1778), m Catherine (?Roberts).

5.   Shadrack Collier, b 1782 Va, m Lucy Bobbitt.

.     ?  
6.   Jacob Collier. "Shadrack had a brother Jacob, who lived on Burks Fork for a while." acc to "Blue Ridge Heritage", D.B. Peter-
.               son, p 67.  Alternatively, Jacob could be a son of Shadrack Collier.
.               The following was listed adjacent to Aaron, Sr, but is most likely an incorrect listing for
Jehu Collier (#17).
.               1840 Lee Co, Va census, p 97, Jacob Colyer, 10001-11001.  (listed adjacent to Aaron, but this is apparently Jehu's listing)

.     ?  
7.   John Collier, b ca 1794-1802.  (or could be s/o Shadrack Collier (#2)).
.               1820 Lee Co census, p 127, John Collier, 000100-00100.
.            ? 1835 Lee Co census, East Dist, p 3, John Collier, 1 WM > 21.  (or this could be listing for Jehu Collier)
.               No further record.  He could poss be the John Collier, b ca 1798 Va or NC, who m 26 Apr 1824 Lawrence Co, Ky to Mary
.               Holbrook, and later lived in Lawrence Co, Ky.  If so, this was a 2nd marriage.  His son John Collier, b ca 1829 Lawrence Co,
.               Ky, m Rachel Kelly, and they had son John W. Collier, b Nov 1862 Lawrence Co, Ky, who m 1887 Lawrence Co to Rebecca
.               Jane Collier, d/o
Commodore C. Collier (#2311) (a descendant of Aaron Collier Sr's brother Shadrack).

.         The following were apparently children of Aaron and his 2nd wife Francis (Frankey):

8.   Aaron John Collier (Dr), b ca 1801 Lee Co, m(1) Nancy Elizabeth Berry (Elizabeth), m(2) Sarah Horton Collier (Sallie).

.     ?  
9.   Catherine Collier (Katy), b ca 1800-05, d before 1844, m James Stidham, b ca 1803-07 NC, d Apr 1875 Wise Co, Va, s/o
.               David Stidham and Rebecca Sparks.  James m(2) Malinda Hamilton, b 1 Jul 1819 Russell Co, Va, d 13 Sep 1890 Wise Co.
.               No proof Catherine is a d/o Aaron Collier, but likely, given her birth year and the fact that Aaron had four dau's in 1820, and
.               only two are otherwise indentified.  The only other early Colliers in the Lee/Wise Co area of Va were
Shadrack Collier (#2),
.               who did not have any daughters listed in the 1820 census, and Aaron's son
William Randolph Collier (#11), who had 2 daus
.               in 1820, but his are accounted for.
.               issue: (plus others)
a.   John Wesley Stidham, b ca 1824-26 Russell Co, Va, d 3 Aug 1915 Scott Co, parents: "James Stidham and ____ Colyer".
.                     1850 Lee Co census, John W. Stidham,25 Va, laboruer, living with
Aaron J. Collier (#15).
b.   Samuel Stidham, b 1835.  His death cert lists parents as "Jas Stidham and Catherine Collier".

10.   Solomon Collier, b ca 1805-10 Lee Co, m(1) Sarah Whitlow (Sally), m(2) Agnes C. Dingus (Aggy).

11.   Francis Collier, b ca 1808-10 Lee Co, m 23 Jul 1833 Lee Co to Claibourne Meredith (or Merida/Merada), b ca 1811 Scott Co,
.               Va.
.               1840 Lee Co census, p 97, Clabourne Merada, 10001-1101.  (listed between Aaron Colyer and Solomon Colyer.  If this is the
.                        same family, Francis was b 1820-25, and Clabourne was b 1810-20, but since a dau was age 5-10, which fits the marr
.                        date of 1833, the parents' ages were understated)
.               1850 Lee Co census, Dist 31, p 80, #536/556, Claibourne Meridy,30 Va, farmer, Frances,42 Va, Nancy,16 Va, Luhana,15 Va,
.                        Ira,11 Va, Elizabeth,9 Va, Mary J.,8 Va, James,6 Va, Cathrine,4 Va, David,2 Va.
.               1860 Lee Co census, Western Dist, p 220, #1462/1499, Claiborne Merida,49 Scott Co, farmer, --, $200, Francis,50 Lee Co,
.                        Francis,25 Lee Co, Ivy,22 Lee Co, farm labor, Elizabeth,14 Lee Co, Jas (?K.) P.,12 Lee Co, David,10 Lee Co.

12.   Jehu Collier, b ca 1810-15 Lee Co, m Lucinda (Cinda) ____.

13.   Nancy Collier, b ca 1812-16 Va, d 8 Dec 1884 Wise Co, Va "of ulser, age 72, wife of Robert Wells, and d/o Aaron and Francis
.               Collier".  Nancy m 24 Nov 1831 to Robert Wells Jr.

14.   Isaac Collier, b ca 1815-20 Lee Co, m(1) Cynthia Brown (Sintha,Synthy), m(2) Martha Johnson.
.               (Isaac was s/o Aaron and "Cynthia", acc to his 2nd marr record, but the wife's name was an error)

.        Ref:  1. "
Early Settlers, Lee County, Va", 1977, Chapter 18, Collier Family.
.                 2. "
Carroll 1765-1815 The Settlements", 1985, John F. Alderman, p 45-48.  This book states that Shadrack and Randolph were
.                       Aaron's sons, but doesn't state the specific evidence.
.                 3.   Descendant of Isaac Collier's notes, email:
.                 4.   Harold Ford, desc of John Wesley Stidham, email:
.                 5.   Theodore M. (Ted) Collier's 1984 letters.
.                 6.   Ken Collier's email:
kensbuzzed@gmail.com, who supplied the 1770 Pittsylvania Co tithable list entry.
The above Aaron Collier is not the son of John Collier of Augusta Co, Va, whose 1765 will lists wife Sisely, and sons
Moses, Alexander, Aaron, James, and John, and dau Margaret.  The Aaron Collier who died in 1789 in Lincoln Co, Ky
was apparently John and Sisely's son, since this group of brothers moved to Lincoln Co, in the portion that in 1796  
became Garrard Co.  Many researchers of the family of Aaron Collier of Lee Co, Va have assumed that Aaron of Lee
was a son of this John for apparently no other reason than they had the same name.  This may have come from the
Early Settlers, Lee County, Va" which has a brief genealogy of many Lee County families, and stated that Aaron of Lee
Co was John and Sisely's son.  However this source did not research the question thoroughly enough to be considered an
authority.  Now many websites have dutifully copied this idea and the internet is loaded with sites linking Aaron of Lee
Co to John and Sisely.  Likewise some researchers of the descendants of John and Sisely Collier of Augusta Co have
listed Aaron of Lee Co's birthdate and wife's name with John and Sisely's Aaron.