.                        Benford Dickens, s/o Thomas Dickens
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.       Benford Dickens                                                                                                                                        (Thomas,Thomas)
.         ?  m Elizabeth ____.

.            The ancestry of Thomas, Ephraim, and Benford Dickens of Montgomery Co is unproven, and partly came from the references
.             below, which give no evidence.  It is presented here for future research and documentation.
.             Thomas, Ephraim, and Benford Dickens settled on Burks Fork, Montgomery Co, Va in the late 1770's, and were prob brothers.
.             One source said their father was Rev Binford James Dickens, s/o Thomas Dickens, but that name is
inconsistent with the fact
.             that Thomas had sons James
and Binford.  Also supposedly Benford was b 1727, which is inconsistent with the fact that
.             Thomas' 1727 will left land to him.  However the basic lineage has the appearance of being likely.  In this brief genealogy, there is
.             no evidence of Benford Sr's existence other than his being mentioned in his father's will, the following will of Thomas Eldridge,
.             and a deed in Granville, NC.

.             1741, 20 May: Surry Co, Va Will Bk 9, p 317 (dated 17 Aug 1739): Will of Thomas Eldridge Sr: .....land I purchased of James
.                       Dickens and Binsford Dickens on South side of Nottoway River in Surry Co..... etc.  (see Ref below)
.             1754, 26 Apr: Granville Co, NC Deed: Patent Book 14, p 5 (abstact 2474): Mathias Miers purchased 400 acres in Granville Co,
.                       on both sides of Skelton Creek.  Wit: Jno Haywood, Sher Haywood, SCC Benford Dickens, Griffin Nunary, Wm Churlton,
.                       Surveyor.
.             1780 Montgomery Co, Va:  Jarret Branson accused Thomas, Ephraim, and Benford Dickens of being Tories.

.             issue: (apparently the three brothers who went to Montgomery Co, Va)

1.   Thomas Dickens, b prob 1750's, m Mary Millie ?Cock.
.                   Left the Grayson Co, Va area in the 1820's, although some children, including Benford, Nancy, Mary, and Jesse stayed.

2.   Ephraim Dickens.  (spouse was Elizabeth Collier acc to some ref)
.                   Left the Grayson Co, Va area around 1815.

3.   Benford Dickens, m ?Elizabeth ____.
.                   Left the Grayson Co, Va around 1806.

.            Ref  1. "
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography", Vol II, 'An Intimate Study of Thomas Eldridge, Junior and Senior',
.                          will of Thomas Eldridge:  "... to Wm. land I purchased of James and Binsford Dickens on So. side of Notaway Riv, in
.                          Surry..."
.                          (Surry Co Deed Bk 3, p 317, dated 17 Aug 1739, rec 20 May 1741).
.                          (from website:
.                    2. "
Carroll Co 1765-1815 The Settlements", 1985, John P. Alderman, p 48-50.
.                    3.   John L. Dickens' email: