.                  Ephraim Dickens, prob s/o Benford Dickens
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

02    Ephraim Dickens,2                                                                                                           ?   (Benford,1,Thomas,Thomas)
.             Ephraim's prob father was
Benford Dickens, and his prob brothers were Thomas Dickens and Benford Dickens, as they were
.             the only early Dickens ("Dinkins") in the Montgomery Co, Va area, but no proof.

.             Ephraim's spouse was a Collier, acc to some ref, and Elizabeth Collier, d/o
Shadrack Collier (#2), acc to some, although she was
.             too old to be this Shadrack's daughter, but could have been a sister.  No proof or evidence for any of this possible Collier linkage.

.             1774: Ephraim settled in Montgomery Co, Va by this year.
.             1774: Ephraim took part in the Point Pleasant Expedition in Lord Dunmore's War, serving 24 days in Capt Cloyd's company.
.             1776: Ephraim's land claim before the Land Commissioners alleges that in 1776 he settled on 150 acres on Burks Fork.
.             1780 Montgomery Co: Jarret Branson accused Ephraim, Thomas, and Benford Dickens of being Tories, although Ephraim Dink-
.                      ins was a member of Jonathan Isham's militia company.
.             1782: Ephraim's land claim was surveyed for 120 acres and was described as being on the Turkey Fork of Burks Fork.  The tract
.                       was issued to James Cock of Crooked Creek, who sold it to Benford Dickens in 1796.
.             1782: Ephraim was taxed for one horse and two cattle.
.             1787: Ephraim was taxed for two horses and six cattle.
.             1783: Ephraim had a tract of 122 acres surveyed on Crooked Creek, but the grant for the land was issued to Kincannon in 1796.
.             1788, 29 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C: Ephraim Dinkins, 0 WM 16-21, 0 slaves, 2  horses.
.             1789, 20 Aug: Montgomery Co personal property tax list C, Big Reed Island Cr, Big Snake, and Burks Fork: Ephraim Dinkins,
.                       0 WM 16-21, 0 slaves, 2 horses.
.             1793 Wythe Co, Va tax list: Ephraim Dinkins.
.             1794 Grayson Co, Va personal property tax list: Ephraim Dinkins, 1 male > 16, 2 horses.
.             1796: Ephraim purchased 116 acres on Greasy Creek, part of the old Quesenberry tract.
.             1799 Grayson Co land tax list: Ephraim Dinkins, 165 acres, value $106.67, tax $0.51.
.                      same, Ephraim Dinkins, 166 acres, value $100, tax $0.48.
.             1800 Grayson Co tax list: Ephraim Dinkins: 2 males > 21, 2 horses.
.             Ephraim went to Patrick Co, Va for about 3 years (ca 1800-06 period).
.             1807: Ephraim sold his land on Greasy Creek.
.             1808: Ephraim purchased land in Greasy Creek, which he sold in 1810.
.             1810: Ephraim purchased land on Snake Creek, in the Webb settlement, and sold it in 1815.
.             He apparently left the Grayson Co, Va area around 1815.

.             issue: (probable/possible)

1.   James Dickens.   
.                   1800 Grayson Co tax list: James Dinkins, 1 male > 21, 0 horses.
.                   1809, Apr: Grayson Co Superior Court Order Bk (1809-21):  Joseph Quesenberry vs James Dinkins, case dismissed by
.                             plaintiff's attorney.
.                    Prob same as the following James' (b 1780's) (since his brother Shadrach also went to Orange Co, Ind)
.                    1820 Orange Co, Ind census, p 126, James Dickens, 120001-30110-0300.
.                    1830 Madison Co, Ill census, p 187, James Dickens, 0111001-113101.
.                    Poss issue of James (living in same or nearby county, or name similarity with James father/brother):
.                 ?  
a.    Lewis Dickens, b 1790's. (or possibly a brother of James)
.                           1830 Madison Co, Ill census, p 187, Lewis Dickens, 210201-011001.
.                           1840 Madison Co census, p 98, Lewis Dickens, 2021201-000001.
.                           1850 census, Lewis not located.
.                 ?  
b.   Ephraim Dickens, b 1800-10.  Prob the one who m 7 Jul 1827 Orange Co, Ind to Rachal Mayhoe.
.                           1840 Montgomery Co, Ill census, p 371, Ephraim Dickens, 100001-100001.
.                           1850 census, Ephraim not located.

2.   Ephraim Dickens, b 8 Oct 1783, m(1) Elizabeth Thornberry/Thornburg, m(2) Hester Ann James.
.                   Moved to Ind and Ohio and then to Fayette/Raleigh Co, Va (now WVa).

3.   Thomas Dickens, b 1784 Va, m Rhoda Pennington (Rody) (Pendleton acc to some sources).
.                   Moved to Logan Co, Va (now WVa) and then to Fayette/Raleigh Co, Va (now WVa).

4.   Shadrack Dickens, b ca 1787 Va, m Malinda Pitman.
.                   Moved to Orange Co, Ind.

5.   Lucy Dickens, m Martin Phillips.

6.   Rebecca Dickens, m Henry Adams.

025    ?  
7.   Isaac Dickens, b ca 1797 Va, m Elizabeth ____, b ca 1803 Va.
.                   Was living in same county as Ephraim in 1830, but no proof he is a brother, but since he had son Shadrick in the 1850 census,
.                   there is a strong liklihood that he is Ephraim's son.
.                   Moved to Wayne Co, Ind and Greene Co, Mo.

.         ?  
8.   Polly Dickens, m 17 Aug 1824 Orange Co, Ind to Thomas Cochran.
.                   No proof she is Ephraim's daughter.

.             Ref:  "
Carroll 1765-1814 The Settlements", John Perry Alderman, 1985, p 48-50.  This source states that Ephraim may have
.                        married a Collier girl, as the Dickens and Collier homes were close, and that the suspicion is that his sons included James,
.                        Thomas, Shadrack, and Ephraim Jr.

.             Note:  One source says that Thomas and Ephraim were born in Halifax Co, NC and were sons of Ephraim Dickens and Elizabeth
.                        Collier (d/o Shadrack Collier).  No evidence given for the Halifax location, which is inconsistent with Ephraim's location in
.                        the 1780's.