.           Abraham Goad, d 1733, of Richmond Co, Virginia
.                                                                              (INDEX)      (OUTLINE of Goad family)
.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.     Abraham Goad,1                                                                                                                                                   ?  (Abraham)
.         Probably b prior 1665 (before 1643, assuming he was over age 18 in the 1661 document below); d 11 Apr 1733 North Farnham
.             Parish (NFP), Richmond Co, Va.  (some sources give his death date as 1734)
.             He may have been s/o Abraham Byram Goad, who was listed in the Lancaster Co, Va 1661 and 1662 tax lists.  One source (Ref 5
.             below) thinks he may have been born 1625 in St Giles, Cripplegate, London, Eng.  This Abraham supposedly had a brother Peter.
.             Another claimed ancestry is given in Note 2 below.
.         m in early 1690's to Katherine Williams, d 23 May 1741 NFP, d/o John and Eve Williams.  John was a planter in Old Rappahannock
.             Co and died young.  Eve m(2) to William Smith (Smyth) of Old Rappahannock Co.

.         Some of the following references are for the older Abraham Goad; the ones prior to 1685 apparently the older, and some of the ones
.         after could be either the older or the younger:

.         1652 Lancaster Co, Va: Abraham Goade tithed.
.         1661, 23 Oct: A list of tithable persons "in this Countie of Lancr", p 163: Abraham Goade, 1 lb of tobacco.
.         1662, 20 Oct, p 62, Lancaster Co: Abrah Goade tithed the same amount.
.         1661-62 Lancaster Co order books: Ann Goade.
.         1663, Nov: Lancaster County Court: "that Abraham Goade stands indebted to John Simpson in the quantitie of One hndred seaven-
.                   tie & three pounds of tob: and ca: by bill."
.         1668 Gloucester Co, Va: Abraham Goad had a land patent.
.         1674: Catherine Williams witnessed a will, along with Abraham Goad.
.         1674, 2 Nov, Lancaster Co: William Bendall arrested "at the suitte of Abraham Goarde", and "the said Goard" to bear court costs.
.                   Nine days later the court found against Abraham and he that was indebted to Bendall for 340 lbs of tobacco.
.         1677, Sep: Gloucester Co: Vestry Book, of Petsworth Parish: Abraham Good tithed 50 lbs of tobacco.
.         1680, 27 Nov: Lancaster Co: bill of Abraham Goards appeared on the inventory of the estate of Robert Brian, dec.
.         1682 Abraham was in Lancaster Co, Va by this date (earlier per above records).  He moved further up the northern neck into Rich-
.                  mond Co (formed in 1692 from Old Rappahannock Co), where he was a planter and owned several tracts of land, some of
.                  which he may have acquired from his mother-in-law Eve Smith.
.         1685 Abraham Goard named to Lancaster Co militia.  (could be either Abraham Sr or Jr)
.         1687, 9 Nov: Lancaster Co: levy ordered on every tithable person in the county, including Abraham Goade.
.         1687, 14 Dec, p 66, Lancaster Co: "persons appointed for foot service", Abra Goard.
.         1699, 24 Mar: Richmond Co Deed Bk 3, p 54: William Smyth of NFP deeded 150 acres on Moratico Creek, on the north side of the
.                   Rappahannock River, part of a quarter order of 498 acres to Abraham Goad.
.         1701 Halifax Co, Va: Abraham Goad supposedly obtained a land grant there.
.         1704 Richmond Co: Abraham Goad was granted 208 acres on Bryary Swamp, from the Fairfaxes.
.         1712, 1 Dec: Richmond Co (rec 5 Feb 1712/13): Acct between Edward Jones and John Dalton settled in court, Abra. Goard was
.                   paid 204 Lb "By tob'o paid: Abra. Goard".
.         1724, 1 Mar: Richmond Co Deed Bk 8, p 273: Abraham Goad and son William deeded a tract of land to William Downman.
.         1733, 1 Jul: Richmond Co Will Bk V, p 238 (dated 7 Mar 1733): Abraham Goad's will was proven.  Inventory on p 240.  Executrix
.                   was his wife "Catherine".  He signed his name "AG".
.                          In the name of God Amen.  I Abraham Goad being weak of body but in sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be
.                   given to all mighty God for the same, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testement, but first of all I recommend
.                   my soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it to me & my body to be buryed in a Christianlike manner at the discretion
.                   of my Executors hereafter mentioned, and as touching my temporal Estate in which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me
.                   with, I give and dispose of the same in manner and form following:
.                          Imprimus - I give and bequeath to my grandson, William Goad, son of William Goad, that plantation whereon Mary Goad
.                   now lives and all the land thereto belonging on that side of the swamp up to Mr. Griffin's line (excepting a small piece of land
.                   I have given bond to Mr. William Downman for the acknowledgement of).
.                          Item - I give and bequeath to my son, John Goad, and his wife all land that lies above the North Fork of briary swamp
.                   belongs to me up to Oakley's line....
.                          Item - I give to my son, Abraham Goad, all the land lying on the south side of my spring branch.... in case the said Abra-
.                   ham should die without heirs, then the said land to fall to my son Peter.....
.                          Item - I give unto my son, Peter Goad, all the land lying on the north side of my spring branch......
.                          Item - I give to the heirs of my son, William Goad, dec'd, one shilling to be paid by...
.                          Item - I give to my daughter, Hannah Phillips, one shilling.....
.                          Item - I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Dodson, one shilling.....
.                          Item - I give to my daughter, Alice Dodson, one shilling.....
.                          Item - I give and bequeath to my wife, Catherine, the use of my Negro woman, Judith, and all the remaining part of my
.                   personal Estate during her natural life & after her decease to be equally divided amongst my three sons John Goad, Abraham
.                   Goad, and Peter Goad.  My will and desire is that my wife Catherine Goad live on my plantation and not be molested during
.                   her natural life.
.                          Item - I likewise constitute ordain and appoint my son John Goad to be the whole and sole Executor of this my last will
.                   and testament, as witness my hand and seal this 7th day of March, 1733.
.                          Witnesses: Eliza E. Lawson                                                                                       his
.                                            Winefed Miskell                                                                      Abraham  
AG  Goad
.                                            Henry Miskell                                                                                         mark

.         issue:

1.   William Goad, b Aug 1693 NFP, m Mary ____.

2.   Hannah Goad, b 11 Nov 1695 NFP, d ca 1788 Henry Co, Va, m Tobias Phillips (#4), b 12 Jan 1687 NFP, d 1 Nov 1739 NFP,
.               s/o John Phillips and Elizabeth Tobias.  Hannah m(2) ca 1748 to William Dodson, b ca 1706 Richmond Co, s/o Charles and Mary
.               Anne Dodson.

3.   John Goad, b 27 Nov 1700 NFP, m(1) Katherine (?Jennings), m(2) Ann (?Isham).
.               Lived in Bedford Co, Va.

4.   Alice Goad, b ca 1704, d 27 Sep 1767 Richmond Co, m(1) 9 Sep 1726 Richmond Co to Fortunatus Dodson, b ca 1700-04, d 9
.               Sep 1737 NFP, s/o Charles and Anne Dodson.  Alice m(2) John Fowler, b ca 1710, d 1750.
.               issue:
a.   Lucy Dodson, b 12 Sep 1728 NFP, d 9 Apr 1730 NFP.
b.   James Dodson, b 18 Dec 1730 NFP.
c.   Anne Dodson, b 10 Nov 1732 NFP, m(1) Moses Cornelius, m(2) her 1st cousin George Phillips (#42), s/o Tobias Phillips
.                     and Hannah Goad (above).
d.   Alice Dodson, b 15 Mar 1733/34 NFP, d 1802 Woodford Co, Ky, m Thomas Dale, b 20 Apr 1730 NFP, d 1773, s/o Abra-
.                     ham Delaware Dale and Winnefred Southern.
e.   Hannah Dodson, b 7 Oct 1737 NFP.
.           ?  
f.    Samuel Dodson.
.               g.   William Fowler.
.               h.   Richard Fowler.
.               i.    John Fowler, d 13 Apr 1750.

5.   Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1705, d 1784 Shenandoah Co, Va, m 1724 to John Dodson, b 1687 Richmond Co, d ca 1784 Shenandoah
.               Co, s/o Charles and Anne Dodson.
.               issue:
a.   Martha Ann Dodson, b 7 Nov/Dec 1725 NFP, m Michael Callender.
b.   Charles Dodson, b 28 Aug 1726 NFP, d 21 Jun 1797 Greene Co, Tenn, m Mary ____.
c.   Moses Dodson, b 12 Jan 1728/29 NFP.
d.   John Dodson, b 12 Aug 1731 NFP, d 27 May 1734 NFP.
e.   Peter Dodson, b 22 May 1735 NFP, d Sep 1800 Shenandoah Co, m Mary ____, b 1735.
f.    Elizabeth Dodson, b 1740/41 Augusta Co, Va, m John Kyle.

6.   Abraham Goad, b 15 Mar 1710 NFP, m Joanna (?Wheatley).
.               Lived in Pittsylvania Co, Va.

7.   Peter Goad, b 27 May 1715 NFP, d 1794 Richmond Co.  Apparently single.
.               1734 Peter acquired land from his father by inheritance.
.               1740, 29 Nov: Richmond Co Deed Bk 9, p 639: Peter Goad was deeded 100 acres from his niece Ann Goad, for 240 lbs of
.                         tobacco.
.                         (Peter also purchased land from his brother Abraham but no deed has been found.)
.               1794, 1 Dec: Richmond Co Will Bk 9, p 16 (dated 26 Apr 1786): Peter Goad's will was proven.  He left his carpenter and coo-
.                         per tools to Col George Glascock, and the rest of his estate to Miss Sarah Glasscock.

.          Ref:  1. "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas (deceased), email: kennethaas28@live.com   
.                   2.   Dodson family history, by Randy.
.                   3.   Jody Goad's
website.  He listed James Thomas Dodson as Alice Goad's husband, by mistake.
.                   4.   Mike Goad's website, which contains Abraham Goad's will as copied by Wanda June Goad Worland.  There are differ-
.                         ences between that version and the one above.  He has many of the above cited documents, plus others, on his website:
.                   5.   Robert L. Hawks' Mar 2012 email (
senator.robert.hawks@gmail.com) to Kenneth Haas.
.                         Bob is a Montana state senator.
.                   6. "
The Hennessee Family Genealogy Pages".

.          Notes  1.   Many websites have claimed that Abraham Goad was a s/o Richard Goode of Essex Co, Va, but there is no evidence for
.                            this apparently, and in fact the evidence is contrary.  Some websites claim his parents were John and Ann Goad, but no
.                            evidence given.  This may be a confusion with his grandson Abraham Goad, s/o John and Ann Goad.  If the documents
.                            in the early 1660s, quoted above, are correct, then there may be an older Abraham Goad present in early Lancaster Co
.                            who could be his father.  Otherwise Abraham was much older than generally estimated and would have been in his 50s
.                            when he married Katherine.  Mike Goad cites all the relevant documents on this connection, and his page on that shows
.                            the lack of a connection to Richard Goode:  
.                      2.   trees.ancestry.com, owner rschimtt8, claims that Abraham Goad (b 10 May 1665 Rappahannock Co, Va, d 11 Apr 1734
.                            NFP, Richmond Co, Va) was s/o John Goad (b 1 Jul 1643 Lancaster Co, Va, d Jun 1666 Old Rappahannock Co, Va) and
.                            Anne ____ (b 1 Jul 1643, d Jun 1666).  And this John was s/o Richard Goad/Goard (b 29 Mar 1617 Furness, Lancashire,
.                            Eng, d 27 Sep 1683 Lancaster Co, Va) who m  May 1635 Boston, Suffolk Co, Mass to Phoebe Hewes (b 1620 Royston,
.                            Hertfordshire, Eng, d 28 Dec 1678 Lancaster Co, Va), d/o John Hewes and Mary Foote.  Richard was s/o Walter Goode
.                            (b 1585 Whitstone, Cornwall, Eng, d 1625 Whitstone) and Alice DeLaMore (b 1588 Whitstone, d 1625 Whitstone), d/o
.                            Richael DeLaMore.

.          Misc notes:
.          1673, 8 Sep: Aldermaston, Berkshire, Eng: Abraham Goad christened, son of Abraham Goad.
.          1680/81, 6 Mar: Old Rappahannock Co Deed Bk 6, p 179: marriage contract between Eve Williams, "relict" of John Williams, dec,
.                    of Moratico Creek, and William Smith, carpenter.  States that Eve is widow of John Williams, with two children, John and
.          1699, 2 Oct Richmond Co (dated 9 Feb 1699): William Smyth's will prov, mentioning his wife Eve Smith, and Hannah and John
.                    Goard, children of Abraham and Catherine Goad.
.          1705, 4 Oct: Richmond Co Will Bk 2, p 86 (dated 24 Apr 1704): Eve Smith's will prov.  Inventory of her estate on p 91.  These
.                    two documents are detailed in "
Sevier Family History", Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden, 1961.