.          Joshua A. Goad, c1777 - 1853, prob s/o William Goad
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

228   Joshua A. Goad,4                                                                                                   ?  22   (William,3,John,2,Abraham,1)
.              b ca 1777 Va; d 21 Jul 1853 Carthage, Smith Co, Tenn.
.              m(1) 9 Dec 1799 Bedford Co, Va to Sarah Towler (Sally), b 1770's.  Stephen Towler surety for marr.
.              m(2) Martha Witcher, b ca 1801 NC, d/o Daniel Witcher and listed in his will, which was rec in Smith Co, Tenn Will Bk 1814-16,
.                       p 7.

.              1800 Pittsylvania Co, Va census, Joshua Goad, 1 tithe.
.              1820 Smith Co census, p 60, Joshua Goard, 111210-21101.
.              1830 Smith Co census, p 50, Joshua Goad, 00101001-00110001.
.              1840 Smith Co census, p 224, Johua Gad, 000000001-000001.
.              1850 Smith Co census, North of Cumberland + East of C.F. River, p 217, #106/106, Joshua Goad,73 Va, farmer, $1500, Martha,
.                       49 NC, John,34 Tenn, farmer.
.              1856-57 Smith Co Chauncery Court loose papers: Bill of Complaint by Henry Goad, exec of Joshua Goad's will against Parum
.                       B. Hawkins of Henry Co, Tenn, his wife Nancy, and their children Joshua, Harrison, and Penelope, against: John Goad,
.                       Stephen Goad, Martha Kirby and her husband Joseph Kirby of Smith Co, and Wyatt Goad of Macon Co, and the children
.                       of Betsy Kirby: Martha Ann wife of Charles Pruit of Macon Co, Jincy Frances Massey wife of Eli Massey of Smith Co,
.                       Joshua C. Kirby, Leonidas H. Kirby, Serelia R. Smith wife of Joseph A. Smith, and minors Swepson M., Sally, and Laura
.                       V., and the children of Anna Kirby: Anthony H. Kirbay, Sally Kirabay, Eliza Cook and her husband James Cook, minors
.                       Frances Kirabay, Leonidas and David Kirby of Smith Co, and Shepherd Kirby of Macon Co.
.              1860 census, Martha not located.

.              issue:

1.   Henry Goad, b 9 Oct 1800 Va, m Martha Duke (Patsy).
.                    Moved to Monroe Co, Ky.

2.   Anna Goad, d prior 1850, m Joseph Kirby, b ca 1797 Va.  Joseph m(2) Anna's sister Martha.
.                    issue:
a.   Anthony H. Kirby, b ca 1829 Tenn.
b.   Sarah Kirby (Sally), b ca 1831 Tenn.
c.   Eliza Kirby, b ca 1836 Tenn, m James Cook.
d.   Frances Kirby, b ca 1838 Tenn.
e.   Leonidas Kirby, b ca 1839 Tenn.
f.    David Kirby, b ca 1841 Tenn.
g.   Shepherd Kirby.  (Poss William, b ca 1830 Tenn)

3.   Wyatt Goad, b ca 1804 Va, m Susanna W. Kirby.
.                    Moved to Macon Co, Tenn.

4.   Elizabeth Goad (Betsy), b ca 1807, d 1846, m Shepherd Wright Kirby, b ca 1805, d 1 Mar 1885 Clay Co, Tenn, s/o John
.                    Kirby and Nancy Anne Brown.
.                    1850 census, family not located.
.                    issue:
a.   Martha Ann Kirby, m Charles Pruit.
b.   Jincy Frances Kirby, m Eli Massey.
c.   Joseph C. Kirby.
.                    d.   Leonidas H. Kirby.
.                    e.   Serelia R. Kirby, m Joseph A. Smith.
f.   Swepson M. Kirby.
.                    g.   Sally Kirby.
.                    h.   Laura V. Kirby.

2283       5.   Stephen Goad, b ca 1808-10 Tenn, m Susan Pankey.

6.   Martha Goad, b ca 1813 Tenn, m Joseph Kirby, b ca 1797 Va.  Joseph had m(1) Martha's sister Anna.
.                    1850 Smith Co census, North of Cumblnd + East of C.F. Rivers, p 263, #707/707, Joseph Kirby,53 Va, farmer, Martha,37
.                             Tenn, Anthony,21 Tenn, farmer, William,20 Tenn, farmer, Sarah,19 Tenn, Eliza,14 Tenn, Francis,12 Tenn, Leonidas,11
.                             Tenn, David,9 Tenn, Juba A.,4 Tenn, Louisa,2 Tenn.
.                    issue:
a.   Juba A. Kirby, b ca 1846 Tenn.
b.   Louisa Kirby, b ca 1848 Tenn.

7.   John A. Goad, b ca 1815-16 Tenn, m 1852 to Susan E. Graham, d 1854 Ark.  John went to Ark and returned to Smith Co,
.                    Tenn by 1860.  He may have marr Mary J. ____, b ca 1830 Tenn, and moved to Monroe Co, Ky by 1880, see below.  More
.                    likely he was the unknown Goad male who m 1870's prob Smith Co to
Mary R.(?B.) Smith (Polly) (#Z6), b Mar 1834
.                    Tenn, d/o David Smith.
.                    1850 Smith Co census, John,34 Tenn, living with father.
.                    1860 Smith Co census, Dist 11, Dixons Springs, p 355, #831/831, John Goard,45 Tenn, laborer, --, $50, living with Jacob
.                             Hubbard.
.                    1870 Macon Co, Tenn census, Dist 7, p 63, #114/114, John Goad,54 Tenn, mill hand, --, $1000, living with (?Tascal) Mclena.
.                    Or poss same as following, who was listed 5 doors from Henry Goad, above, however also could possibly be the
John Goad
.                    (#3114), b ca 1815 Tenn, s/o William Goad.  That John was in Monroe Co in 1850, but not located in 1860 or 70.
.                    1880 Monroe Co, Ky census, Gum Dist, p 250B, #14/14, John Goad,69 Tenn, farmer, Mary J.,50 Tenn.
.         ?   
8.   Polly Goad, b 1819 Tenn, d 1878, m Jacob B. Kirby, b 14 Jan 1817 Tenn, d 21 Apr 1897.
.                    (this couple not mentioned in above Chauncery court papers)
.                    1850 Smith Co census, North of Cumberland + East of Candy Fork Rivers, p 270, #813/813, Jacob B. Kirby,33 Tenn, car-
.                             penter,30 Tenn, Henry C.,7 Tenn, Napoleon B.,5 Tenn, Jacob B.,2 Tenn, Ann E.,14 days Tenn.
.                    1860 Smith Co census, Dist 6, p 321, #607/607, Joseph Kirby,44 Tenn, carpenter, --, $100, Polley,40 Tenn, Jacob,12 Tenn,
.                             John,3 Tenn, Martha,1 Tenn.

9.   Nancy Goad, b ca 1819 Tenn, m Parum B. Hawkins, b ca 1811 Va.
.                    1850 Montgomery Co, Tenn census, p 145, #171/171, P.B. Hawkins,39 Va, wagon maker, Nancy,31 Tenn, Ann Eliza,13
.                             Tenn, William H.,9 Tenn, Joshua,7 Tenn, Penelope,4 Tenn, Isabella,4/12 Tenn.

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The Goads A Frontier Family", Kenneth F. Haas, p 67-70.
.                        2.   Wanda June Goad Worland's notes, Mike Goad's
.                              She quotes a descendant of Joshua, Calvin E. Chunn, PhD of Fair Oaks, Cal: "Joshua Goad of Smith Co, Tenn was the
.                              son of Joshua Goad soldier in the 6th Continental Line of Va in Revolution...both of these Joshua Goad's were born in
.                              Montg. Co, Va".  (no proof Mr Chunn was correct, no documentation given, and most current sources list him as a prob
.                              son of William Goad)
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www.rootsweb.com by Evea Bachnak, email: Imevea@aol.com   
.                        5. "
Portrait and Biographical Album of Sumner County, Kansas", 1890.  This is the sole source of Joshua's middle name,
.                              and this source has a number of errors, including a birth place of "Colfax Co, Va" for Wyatt's son Henry, and a birth
.                              date of 3 May 1815 for his grandson Wyatt B. Goad, which should be 1845.