.               James Goad, c1758 - 1850s, s/o Abraham Goad
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.                                                                 author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

231   James Goad,4                                                                                                                23   (Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)
.             b ca 1758 Montgomery Co, Va (prob 1760's); d 1850's.
.             m 24 Jul 1786 Pittsylvania Co, Va to his 2nd cousin Mary Collier, b 1765-70, d 1840's, d/o
Aaron Collier (#1) and Elizabeth
.                 Goad (d/o
Abraham Goad (#3)).

.             James Goad was on Capt Jonathan Isom's Montgomery Co, Va militia lists.
.             1778 Montgomery Co, Va militia list: James Goad and James Goad Sr. (identity of 2nd James unknown)
.             1781 Montgomery Co militia list: James Goad.
.             1786, 29 Nov: Montgomery Co Order Bk 1, p 275: James Goad filed claim for killing one young wolf.
.             1787 Montgomery Co militia list: James Goad.
.             1788, 28 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C: James Goad, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 2 horses.
.             1789, 24 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C: James Goad, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 3 horses, living on Greasy, Burks Fork, Reed
.                       Island Creek.
.             1790, 1790-1804 Montgomery Co tax lists: James Goad.
.             1793 Land grant: James Goad obtained 170 acres on Greasy Creek.
.             1800 Montgomery Co Land Bk: James Goad, 170 acres, val $42.50, tax $.21 1/2.
.             1801-06 Montgomery Co Land Bks: James Goad, 170 acres, val $42.52, tax $.21, except val $42.50 in 1806.
.             1802, 3 Sep: Montgomery Co plotts: 200 acres on Greasy Creek, a branch of Reed Island, a branch of New River, surveyed for.
.                       James Goad.
.             1804 Land grant: James Goad obtained 200 acres on Greasy, Big Reed Island.
.             1806, 28 Mar: Montgomery Co Deed Bk 17, p 350: James and Mary Goad deeded 60 acres on Greasy Creek to William Phillips.
.                       Wit: Thomas and Frederick Quesenberry and William Hewett.
.             1806, 30 Oct: Grayson Co Court Order Bk: James Goad made claim for one day and traveling 35 miles, $3.30.
.             1809, 6 Mar: Montgomery Co Deed Bk D, p 600: James and Mary Goad deeded 70 acres (part of a 200 acre survey) on waters
.                       of Greasy Creek, a branch of Reed Island, a branch of New River to William Phillips.
.                       Wit: John Cook (?Cock) and "Caleris" Goad ("his" mark)                                      Signed  James Goad  Mary Goad
.             1810 Montgomery Co census, p 22, James Goard, 01111-22010-00.
.             1820 Montgomery Co census, p 773, James Goard, 000001-01201-01.
.             1830 Montgomery Co census, p 68, James Goard, 101000001-0121001.
.             1833, 22 Nov: Floyd Co, Va Deed Bk A, p 232: James Goad deeded 50 acres on Greasy Creek (adjoining land of William Phillips)
.                       to Amos Quesenberry.
.             1840 Floyd Co, Va census, p 182, James Goad, 0010000001-0100010001.
.             1841, 15 Feb: Floyd Co Deed Bk E, p 64: James Goad of Floyd Co deeded 90 acres on Greasy Creek (being the balance of a tract
.                       patented to James 11 Dec 1793 from which he had previously sold a parcel to William Phillips and another to Amos Que-
.                       senberry) to John Goad.
.             1850 Kanawha Co, Va (now WVa) census, Dist 29, p 115, #1653/1694, James Goad,92 Va, living with grandsons Aaron B. and
.                      John Goad.

.             issue:

1.   Abraham Goad (Abram), b ca 1789 Montgomery Co, m(1) Elsy Hughett (Ailcy), m(2) Rachel Cock.
.                   See note below concerning parentage of Abraham.

2.   Aaron Goad (Aser), b ca 1790-92 Montgomery Co, m Eleanor Cock (Nellie).
.                   See note below concerning parentage of Aaron.

3.   Catherine Goad (Kate,Katie), b ca 1779-92 Montgomery Co, d Apr 1885 Carroll Co, Va, "of old age, age 103 yrs, parent:
.                   James Goad, informant Martha K. Phillips", m 12 Jan 1806 Montgomery Co to her 3rd cousin
Richard Phillips (Dick)
.                   (#4214), b ca 1778-85 Va, d 1860's, s/o Tobias Phillips and Margaret Jennings? (Peggy).

4.   Nancy J. Goad, b ca 1796-98 Va, "Sarah" Bond d 2 Jan 1878 Floyd Co, "age 70, d/o James Goad", m 15 Feb 1815 Patrick Co
.                   to
Isaac Bond (#4), b 27 Nov 1790 NC, d 21 Nov 1856, s/o Stephen and Maiden Bond.

5.   Agnes Goad, b ca 1800 Va, m 1816 Grayson Co to James Jennings (#24), b ca 1792 Va, s/o William Jennings (s/o Jona-
.                   than and Diannah Bobbitt) and Elizabeth Ogle (d/o Thomas Ogle and Elizabeth ?Robinson).

6.   Frances Goad, b ca 1799-1812 Va.  Single.  Possibly mother of Naomi H. Goad (#A1) (see below) but no proof.  Frances
.                   and Naomi may have been the females listed with James Goad in 1830 and 1840.
.                   1850 Floyd Co census, #939, Francis Gord,45 Floyd Co, living with John and Sarah J. Bishop family.
.                   1860 Floyd Co census, #876, Francis Goard,48, living with John and Sarah J. Bishop family.
.                   1870 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, #157, Francis Goad,71 Va, living with Sarah Bishop family.

7.   Clarissa Goad, b ca 1800-04 Montgomery Co, d 4 May 1879 Carroll Co, "age 75, of consumption", m 22 Feb 1827 Gray-
.                   son Co to
Jonathan Jennings (#221), b 21 Oct 1801 Va, d 13 Oct 1885 (or 1886) Carroll Co, age 84, s/o Thomas Jennings
.                   (s/o William Jennings and Elizabeth Ogle) and Sarah Clifton (d/o John Clifton and Penelope Ward, who m(2)
Andrew Cock).

8.   Usley Goad, b ca 1802-04 Montgomery Co, m 28 Aug (bond 26 Aug) 1832 Grayson Co to Amos Quesenberry, died by
.                   1850, s/o Moses Quesenberry (s/o George and Martha Quesenberry) and Elizabeth ____.
.                   1840 Floyd Co census, p 174, Amos Quesinbery, 00001-000001.
.                   1850 Floyd Co census, #900, Usley Quesinberry,46 Floyd Co, $100, James Phillips,13.
.                   1860 Floyd Co census, p 123, #879/826, Ursley Crusenberry,48, --, $60, domestic, living with Jas Philips.
.                   1870 census, Usley not located.
.                   (
James Phillips (#421412) was her great nephew, s/o Thomas Phillips and Sarah Quesenberry)

.             Apparently related to James Goad, either a dau or grandau:

A1     ?  
9.   Naomi H. Goad, m Andrew Jennings.
.                   She is recorded as likely d/o
Abraham Goad (Abram) (#A), above, but no proof.

.             Probably related to James Goad, prob a grandson:

10.   Alexander H. Goad (Alex), b ca 1812-13 Va, m(1) Emma Neal, m(2) Joannah Pierson.
.                   Alexander moved to Nicholas Co, Va by 1850, and in 1860 was listed in Clay Co, Va (WVa), next to
Reuben Cox (#115),
.                   who was a brother of
Abraham Goad's (#A) 2nd wife Rachel Cock.  Alexander named a son Ballard Preston Goad, a com-
.                   mon name in the Floyd/Carroll Co families, and one of Alexander's grandsons was Alexander Hewitt Goad, possibly named
.                   after the Hughett family of Floyd Co.  So Alexander H. Goad was prob either the oldest son of Abraham Goad, or a son of
.                   one of Abraham's sisters.

.             Note: There are no documents directly proving that Aaron and Abraham Goad were the sons of James Goad.  So it is deduction
.                       that has lead to the belief that they was James' sons:
.                       1.   The only other Goad of the right age and living in that part of the country who could have been the father of Aaron was
.                             Robert Goad of Grayson Co, Va.  But Robert already has an identified son Aaron, who married Rachel Dalton.
.                       2.   Aaron and his apparent brother Abraham Goad were of Montgomery and Floyd Co, Va, same location as James.  By
.                             itself not strong proof.
.                       3.   Abraham's parentage is "proven" by the fact that James was living with Abraham's sons Aaron B. and John in the 1850
.                             Kanawha Co, Va (WVa).  James' father was Abraham and there are no Abrahams that are descendants of Robert.
.                       4.   Of course this leaves open the possibility that Aaron was son of an unmarried Goad female.

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