.                       Hiram Goad, c1798-00 - 1857, prob s/o John Goad
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

2351   Hiram Goad,5                                                                                        ?  235   (John,4,?Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)
.                b ca 1798-00 Va; d 1857.
.                m Eliza Jane Nickolson, b ca 1805-08 Tenn, d 1889, d/o Isaac Nickolson and Lucresy Dover.  Isaac was a full-blooded Chero-
.                    kee.

.                The family was apparently in Indiana in 1832, judging by one of son's birth there.  Hiram and Eliza separated and he moved to
.                Morgan Co, Ky, while she returned to Monroe Co, Tenn, and then to Murray Co, Ga by 1850.

.                1823 Campbell Co, Tenn tax list, Hyram Goad.
.                1830 Monroe Co, Tenn census, 98th Regiment, p 153, Hirem Goard, 2100101-00001.
.                         (the older male may have been his likely father John Goad)
.                         He was listed adjacent to
Ayers Goard (#233) and Jacob and Littleton Goard, who could be Ayers' sons, but also could be
.                         Hiram's brothers, that is, sons of John Goad.
.                1840 Scott Co, Va census, p 300, Hiram Gourd, 02200011-100001.
.                1845, 19 Sep: Monroe Co, Tenn Deed Bk N and K: James Nickolson to Joseph Boyd, both of Monroe Co.  James sold his int-
.                          erest in land belonging to the estate of James Nickolson, which interest descended from Hiram and Eliza Gourd.
.                1848 Morgan Co, Ky tax list, (?Hiram) Goad, 1 WM>21.
.                1848 Morgan Co tax list, Hiram Goad, 1 WM>21.
.                1850 Morgan Co census, p 110, #327/327, Hiram Gourd,52 Va, laborer, living with John P. and Perlina Osburn family.
.                         (
Tyre William Goad (Ty) (#B3), a great-grandson of Abraham Goad came to Morgan Co in the 1850's)
.                1850 Murray Co, Ga census, p 246, #1355/1355, Eliza Goad,45 Tenn, James,21 Tenn, laborer, William,18 Ind, laborer.
.                1851 Morgan Co tax list, Hiram Goard, 1 WM > 21.
.                1852 Morgan Co tax list, Hiram Goad, 1 WM > 21.
.                1854 Morgan Co tax list, Hiram Goad, 1 WM > 21.
.                1860 census, Eliza not located.
.                1870 Murray Co census, 972 Dist, p 525, #82/82, Eliza Goud,62 SC, Elizabeth Watts,22 Tenn, farm laborer, John H.,4 Ga, Eliza
.                         Jones,10 Ga.
.                1880 Murray Co census, Doolittle, p 453A, #119/128, Elsia Goad,72 Tenn (mother), living with Elizabeth Watson.

.                issue:  (had at least 5 sons and 1 dau indicated in the 1830 and 1840 census')

.          ??   
1.   Perlina/Paulina E. (?Goad), b ca 1821 Ky, m John P. Osborn, b ca 1815 Tenn.
.                      Possible d/o Hiram, based solely on fact that he was living with this family in 1850.
.                      1850 Morgan Co, Ky census, p 110, #327/327, John P. Orsburn,35 Tenn, farmer, $1700, Perlina,29 Ky, William,8 Ky, Lou-
.                               isa,3 Ky, Janetta,1 Ky, Hiram Gourd,52 Va, laborer, John B. Young,22 Ky, laborer, Martha Hughes,16 Ky.
.                      1860 Adams Co, Iowa census, Quincy Twp, p 50, #368/348, John P. Osborn,45 Tenn, farmer, $3000, $660, Paulina E.,39
.                               Ky, William L.,18 Ky, farm laborer, Louisa Ann,13 Ky Jennette J.,11 Ky, David E.,9 Ky, John B.,6 Iowa, Nevi F.,4
.                               Iowa, Paulina R.,1 Iowa, Frank J. Sweatman,17 Ky, farm laborer.
.                      1870 Ariz Terr census, Yavapai, Salt River Valley, p 102, #6/2, J.P. Osborn,55 Tenn, farmer, P.E.,49 Ky, J.W.,16 Iowa, N.
.                               F.,14 Iowa, P.K.,11 Iowa, R.(?G.),8 Iowa, W.N.,28 Ky, farmer.

2.   James Goad, b ca 1829 Tenn.
.                      1860 and 1870 census', James not located.

3.   William A. Goad, b ca 1832 Greene Co, Ind, executed 10 Sep 1864 during the Civil War at Jasper, Ala as a traitor, bur
.                      Corinth National Cem, Corinth, Alcorn Co, Miss.  He m 1856 to Elizabeth Jackson (Bettie), b ca 1837 Ala, d/o Clark William
.                      Jackson and Jane Reynolds.  The Jacksons were living in Gordon Co, Ga in 1850.  See
picture of William's tombstone below.
.                      William served in Co H, 1st Regmt of Ala & Tenn Independant Vidette Calvary (Union).
.                      1860 census, family not located, but supposedly living in Walker Co, Ala.
.                      1870 Walker Co, Ala census, Twp 14, p 54, #29/29. Elizabeth Goad,33 Ala, Adaline,14 Ala, William,11 Ala, h.... & forrags,
.                               Nancy,8 Ala, David,6 Ala, Richard,3 Ala.
.                      1880 census, family not located.
.                      issue:
a.   Elsie Clementine Goad (Sis), b 19 Aug 1856 Ala, d 23 Feb 1934 Walker Co, bur Tidwell Cem, Walker Co, m Ryan
.                            Craven Tidwell (Craven), b Mar 1849 Walker Co, d 10 Jul 1932 Walker Co, bur Tidwell Cem, s/o Mary Ann Harris Tid-
.                            well.  See
pictures of Elsie's and Ryan's tombstones below.
.                            1880 Walker Co census, Twp 13, p 32C, #17/18, Crowin R. Tidwell,30 Ala, farming, Aley E.,25 Ala, Thomas E.,8 Ala,
.                                      Mary E.,5 Ala, William A.,2 Ala, Mary J.,1 Ala.
.                            issue: 12, see Ref 4 below
b.   William A. Goad, b ca 1859-60 Ala, d prior 1900, m Martha J. Brown, b Oct 1855 Ala.
.                            1880 Walker Co census, Beat 7, p 50 B, #228/228, William Goade,20 Ala, farmer, Martha,24 Ala.
.                            1900 Walker Co census, Twp 13, ED 141, sheet 17B, #329/335, Martha J. Goad, Oct 1855 Ala (sister, wid, 1 ch, 0 liv-
.                                     ing), living with Dolpheus P. and Mosourie B. Brown.
c.   Nancy Jane Goad, b ca 1862 Ala.
d.   Wilborn Dallas Goad, b ca Nov 1864.  Prob David, b ca 1864 Ala.
.                            1880 census, Wilborn not located.

4.   Mary Ann Goad (?Martha), b 1848, d 1849.

5.   Elizabeth Goad, b 15 Jun 1848 Monroe Co, Tenn, m 1 May 1864 to John Henry Watts.  She may have m(2) John Watson.
.                      1870 Murray Co census, 972 Dist, p 525, #82/82, Elizabeth Watts,22 Tenn, farm laborer, John H.,4 Ga, Eliza Jones,10 Ga,
.                               living with Eliza Goud.
.                      1880 Murray Co census, Doolittle, p 453A, #119/128, Elizabeth Watson,32 Tenn (wid/div, Tenn,Tenn), farmer, John H.,15
.                               Tenn, farm laborer, Ettie,8 Ga, Mary A.,2 Ga, Elsia Goad,72 Tenn (mother).
.                      1906 Murray Co, Ga: Elizabeth Goad Watts filed Cherokee Claim 10622, detailing her family history, which included the
.                               names of her parents and sisters (but didn't mention any brothers).

6.   Mary Jane Goad, d 1862.

.                Ref:  1. "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.
.                         2.   Dorothy Duke Rhodes' 27 Mar 2006 query concerning William A. Goad at
http://boards.ancestry.com.myfamily.com Message Boards
.                         3.   
www.findagrave.com, info by Dorothy Duke Rhodes: William A. Goad was born in Greene County, Indiana about
.                               1829 and was listed in the 1850 Federal Census in Murray County, Georgia. On the 13th of July 1856, in Benton (now
.                               Calhoun) County, Alabama, he married Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Clark William Jackson and Jane Creacy Rey-
.                               nolds. By 1860, he had settled his family in Walker County, Alabama, where on the 29th of January 1864, he enlisted
.                               as a private in Company H, 1st Regiment of the Alabama & Tennessee Independant Vidette Cavalry at Bridgeport,
.                               Alabama.  He was described as being 29 years old, with dark complexion, black hair & eyes, standing 6 ft 1 in tall. He
.                               very likely was of Cherokee descent, through his mother, Eliza Nicholson Goad. In March of 1864, while on leave to
.                               move his family north, he was captured by the Confederate Home Guard. He was held for 6 months at the jail in Jas-
.                               per, Alabama. On 10 September 1864, at the order of Captain Goodwin, he was taken from the jail to South Lowell,
.                               which is a little north of Jasper, where he was blindfolded, shot and buried.  He and Elizabeth had four children; Elsie
.                               Clementine, William A. Jr, Nancy Jane and Wilborn Dallas Goad. Wilborn Dallas was born two months after his
.                               father's execution.  Elizabeth's efforts to obtain a pension came to the attention of Congressman Joe Wheeler, who took
.                               her appeal to the floor of the House of Representatives, and who was, perhaps, instrumental in having William A
.                               Goad's remains moved to Corinth National Cemetery.  I, Dorothy Duke Rhodes, am proud to be the great grand-
.                               daughter of William A Goad's eldest daughter, Elsie Clementine and her husband, Craven Rowlin Tidwell.
.                         4.   
www.findagrave.com, info by Wilton Golson.
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