.                         Aaron Goad, prob s/o Abraham
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

236   Aaron Goad,4                                                                                                           ?  23   (Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)
.              Aaron was poss a s/o Abraham Goad, but he could be the same person as
Aaron Goad (#2355), below, prob s/o John Goad, but
.              if so, his birth year would likely be in the early 1790's..
.              Minimal information on him, other than the following.

.              1811-12 White Co, Tenn: Circuit Court Minute Bk 1812-20, p 10: Aaron Goad of Clay Co, Mo, debt to White Co, Tenn in the
.                        amount of $100.
.              1812, 16 Oct: White Co Circuit Court minute Bk 1811-12, p 24:
Isham Goad (#232) and Alexander Glenn made bond ($50) for
.                        Aaron Goade, who was indicted for assault and battery.  Aaron was to appear at the Nov 1812 court session, but failed to
.                        do so, and therefore the defendant (Glenn) was required to appear to show why judgement against him for the $50 should
.                        not be executed.
.              1813, 15 Mar: White Co Circuit Court, p 76: State vs Issid Isham Goade: "The Defendant (Isham Goade) appeared in open
.                        Court who had been bound for the personal appearance of a certain Aaron Goade, and surrendered him in discharge of
.                        himself, and  assumed the payment of the cost, where upon by consent of the Court, the forfeiture is set aside and it is
.                        considered that he pay the cost in this behalf expended."  State vs Issid Aaron Goade: "The Defendant who forfeited to
.                        the state of Tennessee the sum of $.. this day was surrendered by his securities, in discharge of themselves where upon
.                        by consent of the solictor and with the assent of the Court, the forfeiture is set aside, and the Defendant assumes the pay-
.                        ment of cost.  It is there fore considered by the Court that the Defendant pay the cost in this behalf expended."

.              Following is more likely a s/o
John Goad (#235), prob s/o Abraham Goad.

2355   ?  
1.   Aaron Goad, b ca 1810 Ga, m Frances Jones (Fanny).
.                    Birth year is a rough estimate, and possibly in the early 1790's.  His family lived in Greene Co, Ind.
.                    Descendants have claimed that Aaron was a s/o Aaron, s/o Abraham, s/o Aaron, s/o Aaron.

.              Note:  
Aaron Goad (#B), b ca 1790-92 Montgomery Co, Va, of Carroll Co, Va served in the War of 1812, and could possibly be
.                         the one mentioned in the above White Co, Tenn records.  He isn't located in the 1820 census.  Isham Goad was this
.                         Aaron's uncle.

.              Ref:  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.