.                  Robert Goad, c1742 - 1830s, s/o John Goad
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

24    Robert Goad,3                                                                                                                                     2   (John,2,Abraham,1)
.            b ca 1742; d 1830's Maury Co, Tenn.
.            m(1) Martha (Patsy/Patty) ____.
.            m(2) 12 Nov 1824 Maury Co to Susannah Hood (some sources claim her last name was Donaldson).

.            1767, 25 Nov: Bedford Co, Va Order Bk 3, p 402: William, Robert, and Ab Goad, et al, and their hands to work on the road.
.            1771 Bedford Co: Robert mentioned in father's will.
.            1782-1803: Bedford Co tax lists, Robert Goad.
.            1785, 28 Mar: Bedford Co Order Bk 8, p 107: Robert Goad surety on peace bond.
.            1787 Bedford Co Deed Bk 8, p 16: Robert Cowan, Atty, deeded 103 acres on N side of Staunton River to Robert Goad.
.            1793, 15 May: Bedford Co Deed Bk 9, p 247: Robert Goad sold 51 1/2 acres to Joseph Toler.
.            1795 Bedford Co Deed Bk 9, p 530: Robert Cowan, Atty, deeded 92 acres on the N side of Staunton River to Robert Goad.
.            1804, 19 Oct: Bedford Co Deed Bk 11, p 1185: Robert Goad Sr and son Thomas sold 198 acres on the N side of the Staunton
.                      River to Joseph Toler.
.            1806, 15 Dec: Pittsylvania Co, Va Order Bk 17, p 304: Robert Goad vs Peter & Richard Bennet, petition for debt.
.            1807, 16 Jun: Pittsylvania Co Order Bk 17, p 482, same, petition for debt.
.            1807, 18 Aug: Pittsylvania Co Order Bk 17, p 523, same, payment.
.            1807 (about): Robert Went to Tenn, prob Williamson Co, near Columbia, when a portion became Maury Co.
.            1816 Maury Co, Tenn tax list, Robert Goad.
.            1817, Feb: Robert Goad Sr and Robert Goad Jr were appointed by the Maury Co court to a jury of view to lay out a road from
.                      Robert Sellers Ferry on Duck River to the head of Carters Creek the nearest and best way and to report to the next session
.                      of court.  When the jury reported back to court 15 Aug 1817 Thomas Goad Sr and Thomas Goad Jr signed the docket.
.                      (This has been taken to be proof that Robert Sr and Jr were the same person as Thomas Sr and Jr, but it is curious that
.                      Robert Sr would have a son Thomas and a distinctly different son Robert who was also known as Thomas.)
.            1817, 20 Oct: Maury Co: Robert Goad (?Sr or Jr not specified) brought 148 acres from Samuel McLean for $97.50, on waters of
.                      Rutherford Creek and on a branch called Millers Branch.  Wit: Thomas Randol, Abner Dodson, John Woolverton.
.            1820 Maury Co census, p 60, Robbert Goad, 001101-00011.
.            1829, 5 Sep: Maury Co: Robert Goad Sr sold 1 acre to William E. Davis for $7.  Bounded by MacQuires, Davis, Puckett, William
.                      Polk's 5,000 acres.  This was Luke Sellers' former farm.
.            1829, 14 Oct: Maury Co Deed Bk P, p 16: Robert Goad Sr deeded 31 acres on Millers Branch to Abraham Goad for $160
.            1830 Maury Co census, p 401, Robert Goard Sr, 01010000001-001001.
.            1831, 2 Mar: Maury Co: Robert Goad Jr bought 3 acres located on the west side of Rutherford Creek, from Robert Sr for $35,
.                      being the land Robert Sr had bought from Thomas Mahan.  Wit: Michael R. Moore and Richard Goad.
.            1832, 20 Jul: Robert Goad Sr sold 18 acres on waters of Rutherford Creek for $92.50 to Robert Goad Jr.  Wit: John Moore (or
.                      Moore or More) and Richard Goad

.            issue:

1.   Thomas Goad, b 1760's, m(1) July Toler, m(2) Nelly ____.
.                  Lived in Maury Co and moved to Giles Co, Tenn.

2.   Peter Goad, prob b prior 1768, poss m Nancy ____.
.                  1786, 1790, 1791, and 1792 Bedford Co tax lists.
.                  1803 Bedford Co tax list, Nancy Goad.  (prob widow of Peter)
.                  Peter was poss the father of some of the unidentified Maury Co, Tenn Goads.  These individuals are listed on the page for
Thomas Goad (#241).

.        ?  
3.   Elizabeth Goad, m 1790 Franklin Co to Wm Clement, Wm Goad surety.
.                  No proof she is Robert's dau, and she could be a d/o
William Goad (#22) or Thomas Goad (s/o John Goad (#21)).

4.   Robert Goad, b ca 1779 Va, m(1) Mary Mahon (Polly); had child by Ann Wolverton; m(2) Cynthia Fitzgerald (Syntha).
.                  Lived in Maury Co.

5.   Nancy Goad, m 19 Jan (bond 14 Jan) 1797 Bedford Co to William Goad (#2221), s/o Nancy's 1st cousin William Goad and
.                  Jemima Goad.  (Nancy was d/o Robert acc to marr bond, surety Thomas Goad, marr by Rev John Ayers)

245   ?  
6.   James M. Goad, b ca 1775-1785, m Margaret Shockley (Peggy).
.                  Presumptively a s/o Robert Goad, but not proven.
.                  Lived in White Co, Tenn, and after he died, his family went to Madison Co, Ark.

7.   Richard Goad, b 1780's, m Nancy Towler.
.                  Lived in Bedford Co, Va.

8.   Catherine Goad (Katey), b ca 1790 Va, m 12 Mar 1804 Bedford Co to John Meece, d after the Battle of New Orleans, s/o
.                  Phillip Meece.  John Meece, Jno Meece, and Thomas Goad signed the marriage document.  "
This is to certify that I Robert and
.                  Patty Goad of Bedford County do consent for our daughter Catey to marry this said John Meece to the office in Bedford ____
.                  1820 Maury Co census, p 60, Catherine Mease, 320000-00010.
.                  1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 203, #708/708, Catharine Meese,60 Va, living with William C. Meese.
.                  issue: (supposedly 8 total)
a.   Phillip Meece, d prior 1850, m 29 Jan 1829 to Harriett Butt.  Moved to Yolobusha Co, Miss.
b.   George Washington Meece, m Nancy Caroline Dorris.
c.   Abraham Meece, b ca 1812 Tenn, m Martha Frances Southall, b 1815 Va (but age 44 in 1850), d/o James Southall and
.                        Julia Flippin.
.                        1850 Maury Co census, Abram Meece,38 Tenn, Martha L.,44 Va, Eliza P.,12 Tenn, William J.,10 Tenn, Charles W.,8
.                                 Tenn, Catherine L.,7 Tenn, George W.,5 Tenn, Oseco,8 Tenn, Mary F.,7 Tenn.
d.   William Carroll Meece, b ca 1809 or 1815 Tenn, m Hannah ____, b ca 1805 NC.
.                        1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 203, #708/708, William C. Meese,35 Tenn, farmer, Hannah,45 NC, John W.,11 Tenn,
.                                 Theopholus,10 Tenn, Caroline,8 Tenn, Calvin,5 Tenn, Pinkney,5 Tenn, M.M.W.5 Tenn, Catharine Meese,60 Va.
e.   Richard Meece, b ca 1817, d 1877, m(1) ____ Southall, m(2) Margaret Ann Duncan.

.            There were a number of unidentified Goads in Maury Co, probably most related to Robert Goad Sr, above, but no proof of their
.            relationship.  These are listed on the page for
Thomas Goad (#241), above, as some are likely his children.

.            Note:  Some sources say Robert m(1) Jane Dodson, but no documentation available.

.            Ref:  1. "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas, p 88-91.
.                     2.   Mike Goad's
website contains the list of Maury Co deeds compiled by June Goad Worland.