.                Thomas Goad, 1760s - 1830s, s/o Robert Goad
.                                                                                                         (INDEX)
.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

241    Thomas Goad,4                                                                                                               24   (Robert,3,John,2,Abraham,1)
.                b 1760's; prob d 1830's.
.                m(1) 31 Jan 1793 Bedford Co, Va to July Toler.  Edmund Toler surety for marr.
.                m(2) Nelly ____, b 1790's, prob d 1840's.

.                1785, 86, and 1792 Bedford Co tax lists.
.                1797 Bedford Co: Thomas was surety for marr of his sister Nancy to his cousin
William Goad (#2221).
.                1794 - 1801 Thomas Goad listed on misc Bedford Co tax lists.
.                1803 Bedford Co tax list, Thomas Goad.
.                1815, 28 Oct: Maury Co, Tenn: Thomas Goad purchased 50 acres for $70 from Thomas Randol.
.                1816 Maury Co tax list, Thomas Goad.
.                1820 census, Thomas not located.
.                1820, 20 Dec: Maury Co: Thomas Goad sold same 50 acres for $200 to Daniel May.
.                1830 Giles Co, Tenn census, p 170, Thos Goard, 030000001-310001.
.                1840 census, Thomas not located, but following apparently his 2nd wife and possibly a son:
.                1840 Lawrence Co, Tenn census, p 139, Nelly Gourd, 0101-0220001.
.             ? 1840 Giles Co census, p 106, James Goad, 00001-20001.
.                1850 census, Nelly not located.

.                issue: (probable.  The list below contains unidentifed Maury Co Goads, of the right ages to have been children or grandchildren
.                          of Thomas Goad, above, but no proof.  It is possible some of these could be issue of Thomas' brother Peter Goad.)

1.   Caleb Goad, b ca 1792-93 Va, m Elizabeth Dodson
.                      Moved to Graves Co, Ky.

2.   Reuben Goad, b ca 1793-97 Va, m(1) ____, m(2) Nancy Ann Davis.
.                      Moved to Madison Co, Ark.

3.   Peter Goad, b ca 1797 Va, m Mary M. O'Neal.
.                      Moved to Madison Co (became Hinds Co), Miss by 1829.

4.   Neill Goad, b ca 1798-00 Va, m Sabrina Gregory (Seni,Sinia).
.                      Lived in Smith and Macon Cos, Tenn.

5.   Joel Goad, b ca 1802 Va, m(1) Nancy Slay, m(2) Ellender Dawson (Eleanor).
.                      Moved to Hinds Co, Miss by 1836.

6.   Robert Goad, b ca 1803-04 Va, m Catherine Dodson (Kate).
.                      Moved to Crawford and Benton Co's, Ark.

.                probable issue of Thomas and Nelly:

.           ?   
7.   James Goad, b 1810's.
.                      1840 Giles Co census, p 106, James Goad, 00001-20001.
.                      1850 census, James not located.  The only James Goad of this age was
James Madison Goad (#2453), b ca 1817 White Co,
.                               Tenn, s/o James Goad and Margaret Shockley (Peggy).  Wiley Goad, below, was living with this family in 1850.

8.   Mary Goad (Polly), b ca 1822-25 Tenn, m 6 Aug 1844 Maury Co to Robert S. Bynum, b ca 1818-20 Tenn.
.                      She was Joel's sister according to one record.
.                      1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 197, #624/624, Robert S. Bynum,30 Tenn, farmer, Polly,28 Tenn, Franklin,7 Tenn, John,
.                               2 Tenn, Rhoda,64 NC.  (listed nearby was Newton Gourd,18 Tenn, and on next page John A. Gourd,28 Tenn, with
.                               wife Louisa)
.                      1860 Maury Co census, Dist, 20, p 483, #628/619, Robt Bynum,42 Tenn, farmer, --, Mary,35 Tenn, J.R.,12 Tenn, S.A.,9
.                               Tenn, S.O.,4 Tenn, G.F.(or G.Y.) Goad,14 Tenn (male), Roda Bynum,70 NC.
.                      1870 census, family not located.
.                      poss illegitimate issue:
.                  ?  
a.   Mary E. Goad, b ca 1836 Tenn (see below).
.                  ?  
b.   G. F. Goad, b ca 1856 Tenn.  (possibly Franklin,7 in 1850 census)

9.   Sarah Jane Goad, b ca 1823-25, m 1846 Lawrence Co to James Weaver.
.                      1850 census, family not located.
.                   ? 1860 Maury Co census, Dist 12, p 418, #1958/1834, James Weaver,54 NC, blacksmith, --, $215, E.,41 NC, O.,24 Tenn, Wm,
.                               20 Tenn, M.,18 Tenn, E.,16 Tenn, I.,7 Tenn, M.J. Beshears,7 Tenn, I.F.,5 Tenn.
.                      One website on John Green's family said Sarah Goad, b ca 1819, was the sister of Lucetta Goad and that Sarah m 1840 Law-
.                      rence Co to John Belew.  John Belew not located and this may be an erroneous reference to William Ballew and wife Sarah A.
.                      with whom Lucetta Goad (see below) was living in 1850.
.                      1850 Lawrence Co census, Dist 2, p 319, #416/416, William A. Ballew,31 SC, farmer, Sarah A.,24 Tenn, Jonathan,9 Tenn,
.                               Susanna,6 Tenn, Elizabeth,4 Tenn, Hosea,8/12 Tenn, Lucetta Gourd,22 Tenn.

10.   Joel Goad, b 1825 Tenn, m(1) Eliza A. Bynum (Louisa), m(2) Lucy C. Haywood.

11.   Martha J. Goad, b ca 1827-28 Tenn, d 1897, m 1857 (his 2nd wife) to George W. Lucas, b ca 1822-23 Tenn, d Aug 1873,
.                      supposedly s/o John Lucas and Polly Lacey.
.                      One source said she was definitely a d/o Joseph Goad and Mary Lacey, but no record of this couple, other than tradition.
.                      Another source says a chancery court record in Maury Co states that Joel Goad testified for his sister Martha Goad Lucas.
.                      1850 Maury Co census, Dist 21, p 201, #688/688, Martha Gourd,22 Tenn, living with James H. and Elizabeth Gregory.
.                      1860 Lawrence Co census, Dist 10, p 46, #559/558, Geo W. Lucas,37 Tenn, $400, $1350, Martha,32 Tenn, Joshua A.,8
.                               Tenn, And J.,5 Tenn, Columbus L.,3 Tenn, Robt G.E.,2 Tenn, Martha E.,6/12 Tenn.
.                      1870 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 588, #156/156, G.W. Lucas,48 Tenn, farmer, $2000, $6000, M.,43 Tenn, J.A.,18 Tenn,
.                               works on farm, A.J.,15 Tenn, C.L.,13 Tenn, R.G.,12 Tenn, M.E.,10 Tenn, G.A.,8 Tenn, J.D.,7 Tenn, M.S.,5 Tenn,
.                               F.E.,6 Tenn, C.F.,2 Tenn, Bo,1 Tenn.
.                      issue:
a.   G. A. Lucas, b 30 Nov 1861 Godwin, m Maggie L. Harris, d/o J. W. Harris and Mary J. Hendley.
b.   Mattie Lucas, m W. J. Murphy.

12.   Lucetta Goad (Lucetty), b ca 1828-30 Tenn, d 1879, m 14 Feb 1853 Lawrence Co to John Green, b 1813 Jackson Co, Ga,
.                      d 1869, s/o John Green and Anne Gideon.  John had m(1) 16 Jan 1830 to Winnie Dial.
.                      1850 Lawrence Co, Ten census, Dist 2, p 319, #416/416, Lucetta Gourd,22 Tenn, living with Willam A. and Sarah A. Ballew.
.                      1860 Lauderdale Co, Tenn census, 2nd Dist, p 404, #625/480, John Green,47 Ga, farmer, --, $100, Lucetta,30 Tenn, Robert
.                               22 Tenn, farm laborer, Patrick T.,20 Tenn, farm laborer, Martha J.,16 Tenn, Wm T.,11 Tenn, Winfield S.,6 Tenn, Hen-
.                               ry R.,5 Tenn, Winnie E.,2 Tenn, Infant of J.,8/12 Tenn.
.                      1870 Lawrence Co census, Dist 9, p 42, #388/398, Lucetty Green,40 Tenn, --, $250, William,20 Tenn, farm laborer, W.S.,17
.                               Tenn, farm laborer, Henry R.,15 Tenn, Winnie E.,12 Tenn, Alexander,10 Tenn, Luther F.,8 Tenn, Maigeset,5 Tenn,
.                               May E.,1 Tenn.

13.   William H. Goad, b 6 Sep 1834 Lawrence Co, Tenn, m Sarah Jane Brashears Wilbourn.
.                      He has been claimed to be a s/o William H. Goad, but this Williams' existence is questionable.
.                      1850 census, William not located.
.                      Lived in Lawrence Co, Tenn.

.                Note: It has been speculated that the ancestor(s) of the Lawrence Co, Tenn Goads was William H. Goad, with estimated dates
.                          of b ca 1800, d 1835, and who had wife Nelly ____, b ca 1800, and/or Joseph Goad, with estimated (guess) birth year of
.                          ca 1805, who m Mary (Polly) Lacey, d 1897.  Neither William H. or Joseph are located in the census records.  If either of
.                          those two existed, then they could be other sons of Thomas Goad, above, and hence the father(s) of some of the unidenti-
.                          fied Goads below.  One line of speculation was that there was a Nancy Goad in Lawrence Co, who may have been the
.                          widow of
William Goad (#2221), who conceivably could have been the father of William H. and Joseph, if they existed.
.                          However, the Nancy "Goad" in the 1830 and 1840 Lawrence Co census' was clearly Nancy Todd.

.                Other Maury/Lawrence County Goads, probably descendants of
Robert Goad Sr (#24), through Thomas Goad, above, or
Robert Goad Jr (#244) or Reuben Goad (#2412).  Richard Jackson (Jack) Goad and John C. Goad, below, were apparently
.                born in Virginia, acc to the census records, so may have no connection to Thomas Goad's family, unless he or one of his sons
.                briefly returned to Virginia about 1820.  Thomas isn't located in 1820.  There are so many unknown Goads in the Maury Co
.                area, b in the 1820-1836 range, that there must be one or more unknown Goad males, possibly son or sons of Thomas, and/or
.                Goad children born out of wedlock to one or more mothers.  No clues in the 1820-40 census'.
.                (Ken Haas doesn't believe that Joshua, Robert M., or Newton are sons of Thomas.):

1.   Richard Jackson Goad (Jack), b ca 1820-21 Va, m(1) Mary E. Beckham, m(2) Adaline Elizabeth Crumpler York.
.                      Moved to Marion, Carroll, and Boone Co's, Ark.

2.   John C. Goad, b ca 1822 Va, m Louisa J. Witham.
.                      Moved to Jefferson and Franklin Co's, Ky.

3.   Andrew Goad, m 30 Dec 1827 Maury Co to Malinda Deson (Deeson).
.                      1830 census, Andrew not located.
.                      Supposedly left a will in Maury Co in the 1830's.

4.   Joshua Goad, b ca 1828-32 Tenn, m Emily A. Grant.

5.   Susan Martha Goad, b ca 1826 Va, m 30 Oct 1841 Maury Co to Robert C. S. McClure (Bob), b ca 1812 NC.
.                      1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 196, #610/610, R.C.S. McClure,38 NC, blacksmith, Susan M.,24 Va, John A.,6 Tenn,
.                               Martha F.,4 Tenn, Eliza T.,1 Tenn, Mary E. Gourd,14 Tenn.

6.   Robert M. Goad, b ca 1826-27 Tenn (or Va), m Sarah Elvira Godwin (Sallie).
.                      He had been mistakenly thought by many (including myself) to be
Robert Goad (#2464), s/o Richard Goad of Bedford Co,
.                      Va, but the evidence is clearly contradictory to this linkage, and is discussed on their pages.
.                      He was listed next door to Mary E. Gourd,14 Tenn, below.

7.   Wiley Goad, b ca 1833-34 Tenn, m Sarah H. ____, b ca 1831 Ala.
.                      Possibly not a s/o Thomas, Reuben, or Robert Jr, and listed here since he was born in "Murray" Co, Tenn (see below).
.                      Also poss the (son) Goad, b ca 1830-35, s/o
George W. Goad (#2261).
.                      1850 Crawford Co, Ark census, Richland Twp, p 323, #95/95, Wiley Goard,16 Tenn, living with James and Rebecca Goad.
.                               (this was
James Madison Goad (#2453), supposed s/o James Goad and Margaret (Peggy) Shockley)
.                      1860 Crawford Co census, Richland Twp, p 663, #448/446, Wiley Gourd,27 Tenn, laborer, --, $100, Sarah H.,19 Ala.
.                      1863, 10 Oct: Van Buren Co, Ark: Wiley Goad, age 27, b "Murray" Co, Tenn, enlisted as private in Co E, 2 Reg, Ark Cav.
.                      Poss same as:
.                      1870 Davidson Co, Tenn census, Dist 24, p 157, #33/34, Wiley Goad,35 Tenn, farmer, Martha,28 Tenn.
.                      1880 census, family not located.

8.   Newton Goad, b Aug 1835 Tenn, m(1) Hester A. Estes, m(2) Minerva B. McMinness (Minnie).
.                      1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 197, #621/621, Newton Gourd,18 Tenn, farmer, living with James T. and Patience Sellers.
.                      Moved to Davidson Co, Tenn.

9.   Mary E. Goad, b ca 1836 Tenn.
.                      Poss illegitimate dau of Mary Goad Bynum (see above)
.                      1850 Maury Co census, Dist 10, p 196, #610/610, Mary E. Gourd,14 Tenn, living with R.C.S. and Susan M. McClure.
.                               (listed next door to Robert Gourd,24 Tenn, apparently the above Robert M. Goad.
.                      1860 census, Mary not located

10.   Mary E. Goad, b ca 1822 Tenn, d 1890/91, bur Hughes Cem, Timmons, Tenn (prob in Maury Co).
.                      Poss same person as Mary Goad (Polly), b ca 1822-25, above, who m Robert S. Bynum.

.          ?  
11.   Elizabeth (?Goad), b ca 1824 Va, apparently d 1850's, m James H. Gregory, b ca 1819 Va.
.                      Don't know if there is any evidence Elizabeth was a Goad, or if it was presumed since Martha Gourd was in the household:
.                      1850 Maury Co census, Dist 21, p 201, #688/688, James H. Gregory,31 Va, farmer, $3250, Elizabeth,26 Va, Solomon,21
.                               Tenn, farmer, Martha Gourd,22 Tenn.
.                      1860 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 482, #616/606, J.H. Gregory,41 Va, farmer, $22,500, $30,000, S.E.,19 Tenn, M.L.,2
.                               Tenn, M.J. Flowers,8 Tenn, Lowell Peyton,27 Tenn, overseer, --, $5000.

.          ?  
12.   Emeline Goad, b ca 1826 NC.  Had son Joshua.
.                      Or could this be a confusion with
Joshua Goad (#24172) above, who m Emily A. Grant?

.               Possibly related to this family, but no proof:

.          ?  
13.   Catherine Elizabeth Goad, b 12 Dec 1825 Tenn, m Thomas Dodson, b (?1825 or ca 1813) Ky, d 1898, s/o David Dodson
.                      and Elizabeth Wolverton.
.                      Thomas Dodson was a sister of Elizabeth Dodson (wife of Caleb Goad), above, and Thomas also moved to Graves Co, Ky.
.                      1850 Graves Co, Ky census, Dist 1, p 441, #240/240, T. Dodson,37 Ky, farmer, $1500, C.E.,25 Tenn, J.A.,3 Ky, J.L.,2
.                               Ky, J.B.,6/12 Ky.

.               Ref:  1. "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas, p 88-91.
.                        2. "
History and Directory of Maury County, Tennessee, 1807-1907", p 303.  Acc to this, Martha Goad m Bob McClure
.                              and had son W. B. McClure, b 13 Jan 1853, m 21 Jun 1872 to Alice Johnson, d 18 Nov 1888, d/o William Johnson and
.                              Elizabeth King.
.                              Also in same book, p 240: John Goad m Cora Mosley, d/o G. R. and A. N. Mosley.  Can't identify this family.  There
.                              was a Corah Mosley, age 9, in the 1880 Maury Co census, d/o Gr... and Mariah Mosley.
.                        3.   Acc to Ronda Gibson Ringer's notes at
www.rootsweb.com, email: ronda@austin.rr.com, Robert C. S. McClure, b ca
.                              1812 NC, m 1841 Maury Co to Susan Martha Goad, b ca 1860