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       A         except:   Aaron   Abraham/Abe   Albert    Alexander    Alice    Amanda    Andrew   Ann/Annie/Anna/Annabelle  
.        B         except:   Benjamin/Ben/Bennie   Bertha   Bess/Bessie   Betsy/Betty/Elizabeth/Lizzie   Bill/Billy/William   Bob/Bobby/Robert  
.        C         except:   Carl/Carlie    Carol/Carroll/Carolyn/Carrie   C(K)atherine/Kate/Kathy   Charles/Charlie   Clara   Clarence    Clyde   Cora  
.        D         except:   Daniel/Danny   David   Dora   Dorothy   
.        E          except:   Eddie/Edd/Edward   Edna   Eliza/Elisa/Liza   Elizabeth/Betsy/Betty/Lizzie   Ella/Ellie/Ellen/Eller    Elmer   Elsie/Elcie/Elsy  
.                                   Emelia/Emily   Emma   Ernest/Earnest   Ethel   Evaline/Evelyn   Everett    
.        F                         Fannie/Fanny/Frances/Francis   Floyd   Frank/Franklin   Fred/Freddie/Frederick   
.        G         except:   George  Gladys   Glenn   Grace    
.        H         except:   Harold/Harry   Henry   Howard   
.        I           except:   Ida   Isaac  
.        J          except:   Jack/Jackie/Jackson   James/Jim/Jimmie/Jimmy/Jamie   Jane/Janie   Jeremiah/Jerry   Jesse/Jessie   John/Jon   Joseph/Joe  
.                                   Joshua
.        K         except:   K(C)atherine/Kate/Kathy/Kathleen
.        L          except:   Larry/Lawrence   Laura/Lauretta   Lewis/Louie/Louis   Lillie   Liza/Eliza   Lizzie/Elizabeth/Betty/Betsy  
.                                    Louiza/Louisa/Louise   Lucy  
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       M        except:   Margaret/Peggy/Maggie   Martha   Mary/Polly   Michael/Mike   Mildred/Millie/Milly/Milia   Minnie
.        N         except:   Nancy
.        O
.        P         except:   Patricia   Paul   Peggy/Margaret/Maggie   Peter/Pete   Polly/Mary
.        Q
.        R         except:   Rachel   Ray/Raymond   Reuben/Ruben   Richard   Robert/Bob/Bobby   Ronald/Ronnie   
Rosa/Rose/Rosie/Rosetta/Roseann/Rosemary   Roy   Ruby   Ruth     
.        S         except:   Samuel/Sam   Sarah/Sally   Stephen/Steven/Steve   Sue/Susan/Susannah/Susie   
.        T         except:   Thomas/Tom/Tommy
.        U
.        V         except:   Virginia/Virgie/Vergie   
.        W        except:   Walter   Will/Willie   William-William G.   William H.-William Z.
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.        Note: The individuals in the index with code numbers (eg 2213 or M212) in front of their names are those for whom separate webpages have been created.

Misc Goad date: Va misc    WVa misc    NC misc
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.        Unidentified Lawrence County, Tenn Goads  (and Giles County, Tenn Goodes)
Unidentified Maury County, Tenn Goads  (this is the page for Thomas Goad (#241), but also contains the list of unidentified Maury County Goads)
Unidentified Lincoln County, Tenn Goads   

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