.                                Misc NC Goad Data
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.                                                         author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.                  Cumberland Co, NC:
.                  Debra Jean Goad, b Cumberland Co, d/o Alan Walker Goad,28 Ind, and Doris Jean Huffman,23 Ind.
.                  Deanna Beth Goad, b Cumberland Co, d/o Bobby Frank Goad,23 Tex, and Billie Carroll Wright,21 Tex.
.                  Sally Marie Goad, b Cumberland, d/o Larry David Goad,23 Iowa, and Sandra Ann Allred,23 Colo.

Surry Co, NC:
.                  J. W. Goard m 1869 Surry Co to E. B. Fenley.
.                  June Croff Goad, b 24 Feb 1936, d/o Buford Goad and Eva Croff.  (apparently "Good")
.                  Rosena Goad, d 16 Apr 1930 Surry Co, d/o Wm Duncan and Nancy Acres.
.                  Carlos W. Goad, estate 82 E 0 (inh tax cert); he died (?: 18 Sep 1982)
.                  Carlos Goad, estate 82 E 134; he died (? 19 Mar 1981).  Linda W. Goad fiduciary; children Steven Wayne Goad, Lisa Renee
.                      Goad.  Carlos Wayne Goad, b 10 Jun 1942 Carroll Co, Va, d 10 Nov 1981 Ind (SSDI 244-62-2195 NC), bur Crestwood
.                      Memorial Gardens, State Road, Surry Co.  See FAG for picture of his tombstone.  Had son Stephen W. Goad, b 1964 Surry
.                      Co, s/o Carlos W. Goad and Linda Wiles.  "bur out of state acc to his NC death rec"
.                      He and Linda m4 Jun 1960 Yadkin Co, NC.
.                  Linda Wiles Goad, estate 87 E 444, fiduciary Helen S. Wiles.  She was b 18 Jan 1942, d 19 Nov 1987, bur Crestwood Memorial
.                      Gardens, and her tombstone picture on FAG.
.                  Anita Gay Goad, m 14 Aug 1982 Surry Co to Marvin Jeffrey Stanley.
.                  Ellen Goad m 28 Dec 1965 Surry Co to David Adkisson.
.                  Fannie Etta Goad m 17 Dec 1976 Surry Co to Ernest M. Padgett.
.                  Helen J. Goad m 17 Jun 1966 Surry Co to Glenn Alvin Butner.
.                  June Croaff Goad m 17 Jan 1960 Surry Co to Caleb Jack Snow.  (d/o Buford Good, above)
.                  Mary Goad m 14 Aug 1965 Surry Co to Larry Buford Goad. (s/o Buford Good, above)
.                  Peggy A. Goad m 29 Jun 1968 Surry Co to Lawley W. Howlett Jr.
.                  Rebecca Kay Goad m 6 Aug 1977 Surry Co to Jefferson Tolbert.
.                  William David Goad, b 27 Sep 1965 Surry Co, s/o Vickey Carolyn Goad.
.                  James C. Goad, b 16 May 1968 Surry Co, s/o Hazel Marie Goad.
.                  Ronnie Daniel Goad, b 27 May 1974 Surry Co, s/o Gladys Faye Goad.
.                  Tabitha Marie Goad, b 10 Jan 1981 Surry Co, d/o Pamela Patricia Goad.
.                  Donald Ray Goad (Don), b 15 Apr 1954, m 23 Dec 1972 Surry Co to Lavonda Rae Hill, b ca 1954, and they div 27 Nov 2000
.                  Surry Co, and had issue:
.                       a.   Carissa Donette Goad, b 1975 Surry Co.
.                       b.   Amanda Donielle Goad, b 1977 Surry Co.

Stokes Co, NC:
.                  Charles Frank Goard,23 Stuart, m 1 Apr 1964 Stokes Co to Mary Lou Rogers,23 Lawsonville.
.                  David Crandle Goad,19 Henry, Va, m 18 Nov 1967 Stokes Co to Susan Gail Carter,18 Henry.
.                  Rickie Wilson Goad,25 Madison, m 21 Aug 1978 Stokes Co to Shirley Jean Joyce,25 Madison.
.                  Connie Suse Goad, m 17 Apr 1981 Stokes Co to Jerry Wyatt Beasley.
.                  Famila M. Goad, b 19 Nov 1895 NC, d 12 Nov 1975 Stokes Co, of "areriosclerosis", d/o Joseph Thomas Martin and Mary
.                       Etta Joyce.
.                  Susan Frances Clark Goad, b 27 Jan 1929 Va, d 24 Oct 1976 Stokes Co, of "ca of vulva", d/o Will Clark and Ada Collins.
.                  Bobby Darrell Goad, b 7 May 1962 Stokes Co, s/o Bobby Lee Goad,21 Va, and Branda Jean Brown,18 WVa.

Forsyth Co, NC:
.                  Betty Leona Goad,21 WS, m 1 Jan 1965 Forsyth Co to Hubert Elon Martin Jr,26 WS.
.                  Michael Gray Goad, m 15 Dec 1979 Forsyth Co to Dawn Renee Plowman.
.                  Jackie Lee Goad, m 2 Jan 1981 to Sherry Elaine Moore.
.                  Linville Leon Goad, m 20 Jan 1982 Forsyth Co to Sadie Mae White.
.                  Janet Elaine Goad, m 7 Jun 1973 Forsyth Co to Billy Ray Southern Jr.
.                  Janie Mae Goad, m 31 Jul 1976 Forsyth Co to Kenneth James Whitlock.
.                  Sandra Kay Goad, m 12 Nov 1977 Forsyth Co to Chirstopher Alton Hayes.
.                  Marlene Elizabeth Goard, m 3 Sep 1981 Forsyth Co to Darrell Kevin Cope.
.                  Katie Elizabeth Goard, b 27 Apr 1900 Patrick Co, d 13 Sep 1956 Forsyth Co, bur Carters Chappel Cem, Ararat, Va, d/o Murray
.                    Thompson and Ruth Childress.
.                     Informant for her death cert was Robert Goard of High Point, NC  (poss wife of
Robert (Bob) Goard (#212111124))
.                     Poss Katie Thompson who m Abraham Brim and had son Raleigh Garfield Brim, b 3 Oct 1927, d 17 Aug 1988 Surry Co.
.                  Annie M. Goard, d 22 Nov 1978 Forsyth Co, d/o D. and Kelly Handy.
.                  Christopher E. Goad, b 10 May 1966 Forsyth Co, s/o Bobby Goad and ____ Wolfe.
.                  Gary R. Goad, b 26 Mar 1959 Forsyth Co, s/o Barbara Goad.  (? d/o
Charles Reed (Charlie) Goard (#21211114))
.                  Janie M. Goad, b 29 Jul 1952 Forsyth Co, d/o Lucy Goad.
.                  Jill S. Goad, b 20 Jan 1982 Forsyth Co, d/o Allen Goad and ____ Anderson.
.                  Kenneth D. Goad, b 3 Jun 1962 Forsyth Co, s/o Barbara Goad.  (? d/o
Charles Reed (Charlie) Goard (#21211114)).

Buncombe Co, NC:
.                  Ellis Wayne Goad,23 of Venice, Fla, m 21 Dec 1968 Buncombe Co to Janice Lee Hoke,23 of Skyland, NC.
.                  Larry Wayne Goad,23 of Mt Airy, m 30 Jan 1971 Buncombe Co to Karen Leota Galloway,18, of Asheville.
.                  David Daniel Goad,35 of Bristol, Va, m 28 Oct 1971 Buncombe Co to Pauline Powell,30 of Bristol.
.                  Karen Leota Goad,26 of Asheville, m 18 Feb 1979 Buncombe Co to Clyde Walter Disher,30 of Asheville.
.                  Samuel Henry Goad, of Swannanna, b 15 Oct 1871 Stokesdale, NC, d 1 Aug 1945 Buncombe Co.  Wife Mary Alice W. (dec).
.                  Airley Kay Goad, b 28 Sep 1971 Buncombe Co, d/o Larry Wayne Goad,24 NC, and Karen Leota Galloway,18 NC.

Rockingham Co, NC:  
.                  Roy Fetzer Goad, b ca 1928, m 18 Dec 1953 Rockingham Co to Susan Frances Clark, b ca 1929.
.                  Rose Marie Goad,  b 1959 Rockingham Co, d/o Roy Fetzer Goad.
.                  William Benjamin Goard, b ca 1948, m 21 Jul 1973 Eden, Rockingham Co to Lois Ann Murphy, b ca 1956, and they div 29 Apr
.                       1974.
.                  Tanya Nicole Goard b 1985 Rockingham Co, d/o William Benjamin Goard.
.                  William Benjamin Goard, b 1946 Va, m 8 May 1973 Henry Co to Connie Lynn Liveoak, b 1956 Ala, d/o Uel Thomas Liveoak
.                       and Helen Laverne Goswick.  He was s/o William Benjamin Goard and Lucille Marie Mitchell.  William was div.