.    William E. Hughett, c1760 - 1837, supposed s/o John Hughett
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.       William E. Hughett,4                                                                                                                                           ?  (John,3)

.             William's ancestry was given by the Refs below, and is unproven to this author, but quoted here for reference purposes.  He has
.             been claimed to be the s/o John Hughett who d 1812 Botetourt Co, Va, but is prob the s/o the John Hughett who was living next
.             to him in Montgomery Co, Va in 1810 (see below).
.             His middle initial "E." given in his son John's death record.

.             b ca 1760 Va (b 1750's per 1830 census, and 1765-75 acc to 1810 and 1820 census'); d 1837 Floyd Co, Va.
.               (William b Va, acc to his dau Elizabeth's 1880 census record)
.             m 17 Dec 1787 Montgomery Co, Va to Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1755 Va (acc to 1850 census, but prob b 1760's, d/o
Abraham and
.                 Anne Goad (#23)).

.             1810 Montgomery Co, Va census, p 649, Willm Hughett, 12110-11210.
.                      Listed adjacent to William: John Hughett, 00001-00001.
.             1820 Montgomery Co census, p 774, William Huett, 110011-20101.
.             1830 Montgomery Co census, p 71, William Hewett, 0010000001-0000100001.
.             1837, May: Floyd Co Will Bk A, p 92 (dated Jan 1834): William Hewitt's will proven, listing wife Elizabeth, and children:
.                       John, Mary Jefreys, William, Sally Prater, Elizabeth Nester, Aley Goad (dec).
.             1840 Floyd Co census, p 182, Elizabeth Hughet, 0000-1000100001.
.             1850 Floyd Co census, p 442, #893/893, Elizabeth Huitt,95, deaf, $200.

.             issue:

1.   Mary Hughett, m ____ Jefreys (? William Jeffers/Jeffries).
.                   Poss same family, living in same county and district as William T. Hughett, below.
.                   1820 census, family not located.
.                   1830 Campbell Co, Tenn census, p 239, Wm Jeffries, 11110001-00110001.
.                            (Ephraim Goad, b ca 1800-10, and Danl  Hewett, b ca 1800-10, were living close by.  Ephraim was possibly Mary's
.                            uncle.  Daniel is unidentified.)
.                   1840 Campbell Co, p 296, William Jeffers, 00010001-20101101.
.                   1850 Scott Co, Tenn census, Dist 18, p 360, #13/14, (?Wm) Jeffers,60 Va, Mary,59 Va, Anna Lawson,24 Tenn, Edmond Law-
.                            son,12 Tenn.
.                   1860 census, family not located.

2.   Elsy Hughett (Ailcy), b 1790, d 1832, m her 1st cousin Abraham Goad (Abram) (#A), b ca 1789 Montgomery Co, d 1860's,
.                   s/o James Goad and Mary Collier (d/o
Aaron Collier (#1) and Elizabeth Goad).

3.   William T. Hughett, b ca 1793 Va, m Jincy Jeffers.
.                    Moved to Campbell and Scott Co's, Tenn.

4.   Sarah Hughett (Sally), m 9 Aug 1816 Patrick Co to Archelaus Prather, s/o Newman Prather.
.                   No further record.  The Archelus Archibald Prater of Warren Co, Tenn is not the right family.

5.   John W. Hughett, b 1797 Montgomery Co, m Mellie Elizabeth Howell.

6.   Elizabeth Hughett (Betsy), b ca 1802-04 Va, m 2 Jun 1824 Grayson Co to her 1st cousin Daniel Nester (#G), b ca 1805
.                   Va, d 8 Oct 1866 Danville, Mo, s/o Jacob Nester and Catherine Goad (d/o
Abraham and Anne Goad (#23)).

.             Ref: 1.   Dwayne A. Hughett's website:
.                           Note: The evidence linking William E. Hughett of Montgomery Co, Va to this family is very questionable.  Some of the
.                                      this sites' linkages claimed for the Hughett family of Scott Co, Tenn are incorrect and apparently tacked on with no
.                                      evidence, but just incorrect assumptions easily disproven by the census records.  The evidence that the John Hewitt
.                                      from Pa that married Elizabeth Adams and moved to Albemarle Co, Va and later to Botetourt Co, Va isn't given and
.                                      is likely an unwarranted assumption.  As seen below, there were a number of John Hughetts in Virginia, but the
.                                      father of William E. Hughett of Montgomery/Floyd Co is likely the John Hughett living next to him in 1810.
.                           This site claims that William E. Hughett was born in Pa and m(1) 30 Dec 1779 Fauquier Co, Va to Catherine Edmonds.
.                           The evidence that William E. Hughett of Montgomery Co, Va is the s/o John Hughett of Fauquier Co isn't given and this
.                            linkage is highly questionable, especially since there was another William Hewett listed in Fauquier Co in 1810.
.                     2.   Ancestors of Brian and Melissa Bivona,
.                            email:
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Carroll 1785-1815 The Settlements", John Perry Alderman, p 59.
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