.                                     John Hewitt, 1733 - 1812, s/o Joseph Hewett
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.       John Hewitt,3                                                                                                                                             (Joseph,2,Joseph,1)
.           b 1733 Pa; d Sep 1812 Botetourt Co, Va.  The exact spelling of the last name is not certain.
.           m Elizabeth Adams, b ca 1738, d after 1812.  (one source states m ca 1752 Albemarle Co, Va)

.           John was a blacksmith and funeral home operator.

.           1810 Botetourt Co census, p 629, John Hewitt Sr, 00011-00011-00.  (two other Hewetts listed adjacent - but illegible)
.           1812, Sep: Botetourt Co: John Hewett, dec, inv returned.

.           Note: No evidence given that the above data for John Hughett/Hewitt/Hewett are all for the same John.  As seen below there were
.                     quite a number of John Hughett/Hewitt/Hewetts in Virginia.  The internet is full of the exact claim for William E. Hughett's
.                     parentage, all apparently copied from one source, so not proof of the claim.

.           issue:

1.   James Hewett, b 25 Nov 1752 St Anne's Parish, Albemarle Co, Va.

2.   Thomas Hewett, b 10 Jul 1757 Fauquier Co, Va.

3.   William Hewett.  Prob the one who m 30 Dec 1779 Fauquier Co, Va to Catherine Edmonds.
.                 I have no proof that he is the son of the above John Hughett, or if he is the same William who was born ca 1758 Pa and m
.                 Catherine Edmonds on 30 Dec 1779 in Fauquier Co, Va, as claimed by Ref 2, below.  He is listed here for reference purposes
.                 only.  His claimed birthplace of Pennsylvania is inconsistent with this family listing, since the others are all born in Virginia.
.                 As seen below, there was a William Hewett in Fauquier Co in 1810 who could be the one who m Catherine Edmonds, but is
.                 definitely not the William E. Hughett of Montgomery/Floyd Co, Va.  Also, more significantly, an older John Hughett was
.                 listed next to William in the 1810 Montgomery Co census, and was likely his father, but who was not the above John Hewitt
.                 who was in Botetourt Co in 1810 and who d there in 1812.
.                 1810 Fauquier Co, Va census, p 357, William Hewett, 10010-10010.
.                 1820 census, this William not located, although there were a William Huett/Hewit in Norfolk Co and Randolph Co, Va, in
.                          addition to William Huett in Montgomery Co, Va, who was the above William E. Hughett.

.                 The following is not likely the same as the above William Hewett, despite being claimed so by Ref 2 below.
William E. Hughett, b ca 1760 Va, m Elizabeth Goad.
.                 Lived in Montgomery Co, Va.  He is probably the s/o of another John Hughett who was living in Montgomery Co in 1810, listed
.                 next to William.

4.   Martha Hewett, b 20 Feb 1760 Fauquier Co.

5.   Lucy Hewett, b 3 Feb 1762 Fauquier Co, m 5 Aug 1794 Fauquier Co to William Corum.

6.   John Hewitt, b 14 Nov 1763, d 19 Dec 1844 Botetourt Co, Va, m 19 Nov 1794 Botetourt Co to Margaret Hewitt, d/o Pat-
.                 trick Hewitt.  (poss John's 2nd wife)
.                 1810 Botetourt Co census, p 628, John Hewitt, 12001-21110-00.
.                 1833, Feb: Botetourt Co: John Hewett filed for Rev War pension.
.                 issue:
a.   Polly Hewitt (d/o John), m 12 Aug 1807 Botetourt Co to Rhineholt Ovenchain.
b.   Betsy Hewitt (d/o John), m 22 Mar 1810 Botetourt Co to George Lantzford.
.              ?
c.   Reese Hewitt, m 25 Jul 1810 Botetourt Co to Polly Fore, d/o Phillip Fore.
.                      1810 Botetourt Co census, p 633, Rice Hewet, 00100-00100-00.

7.   Frankey Hewett, b 1772, m 15 Oct 1792 Fauquier Co to John Huffman.

.            Ref:  1.   Ancestors of Brian and Melissa Bivona,
.                           email: bbivona@hot.rr.com
.                     2.   Dwayne A. Hughett's website:
.                           Note: The evidence linking William E. Hughett of Montgomery Co, Va to this family is very questionable.  Some of the
.                                      this sites' linkages claimed for the Hughett family of Scott Co, Tenn are incorrect and apparently tacked on with no
.                                      evidence, but just incorrect assumptions easily disproven by the census records.  The evidence that the John Hewitt
.                                      from Pa that married Elizabeth Adams and moved to Albemarle Co, Va and later to Botetourt Co, Va isn't given and
.                                      is likely an unwarranted assumption.  As seen below, there were a number of John Hughetts in Virginia, but the
.                                      father of William E. Hughett of Montgomery/Floyd Co is likely the John Hughett living next to him in 1810.
.                     3.   Sceletta Shell's notes at
www.rootsweb.com, email: genquestlady@aol.com
.                     4.   Joel Hager's notes at www.rootsweb.com, email: hagerj@us.army.mil
.                           This source added James, b 1752, and gave birth places for James, Thomas, and Martha as St Anne's Parish, Albemarle
.                           Co.

.            Notes: The following shows there were more than the above John Hughett/Hewitt/Hewetts in Virginia, thereby creating the possi-
.                        bility of confusion:

.                        1785, 3 Sep: Montgomery Co: John Hewitt was convicted of horse theft.
.                        1786, 24 Jul: Montgomery Co: Sarah Huet, wid of John Huet, m Murdock McKenzie.
.                        1788 Montgomery Co tax list C, 30 Aug: John Hewet, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 1 horse.
.                        1810 Montgomery Co census, p 22, John Hughett, 00001-00001-00.
.                        1820 Montgomery Co census, p 773, John Huett, 100011-20101.
.                        1810 Bedford Co census, p 465, John Hewet, 00101-00111-04.
.                        1810 Bedford Co census, p 465, John Hewet Jr, 10010-20010-02.
.                        1810 Jefferson Co, Va census, p 83, John Hewett, 11010-30010.
.                        1810 Stafford Co, Va census, p 57, John Hewit, 00200-00001.
.                                 listed adjacent: Catherine Hewit, 00000-00001, and William Hewit, 00010-00100.
.                        1810 Norfolk Co, Va census, St Brides Parish, John H. Hughett (?Hughess), 000010-01010.