.              Thomas Phillips, 1768 - 1841, s/o Tobias Phillips
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

4211   Thomas Phillips,5                                                                                         421   (Tobias,4,George,3,Tobias,2,John,1)
.                 b 1768; d 1841 Anderson Co, Tenn.  (he was b after 1775 acc to 1820 census, in the 1770's acc to 1830 census, and in the 1760's
.                    acc to 1840 census)
.            ?   m(1) Sarah Betts.
.                 m(2) 9 Jan 1798 Montgomery Co, Va to his father's 2nd cousin Mary Goad (Polly), b 1770's, d/o
Abraham and Anne Goad
.                          (#23).

.                 No evidence given to show that the Thomas Phillips who marr Sarah Betts is the same one who marr Mary Goad.  The first 4
.                 children may not be the children of Thomas Phillips of Campbell Co, Tenn.  Perhaps the other Thomas Phillips of Rutherford
.                 Co, Tenn (see below) was the one who m Sarah Betts and had the 1st 4 children listed below.

.                 Thomas and Mary moved to Anderson Co, Tenn with Abraham Goad ca 1802.
.                 1810 census, unavailable for Anderson and Campbell Co.
.                 1816, 15 Oct: Anderson Co: Thomas Phillips of Anderson Co appointed guardian of William Goad, minor.
.                           (This was
William Goad (#2321), s/o Isham Goad , s/o Abraham.)
.                 1818 Campbell Co, Tenn tax list, Thomas Phillips.
.                 1820 census, unavailable for Anderson and Campbell Co.
.                 1823 Campbell Co tax list, Thomas Phillips.
.                 1830 Campbell Co census, p 214, Thos Phillips, 00200001-00000001.
.                 1840 Campbell Co census, p 306, Thomas Phillips, 0000000001-000000001.
.                          (listed adjacent to
Joshua Goad (#234), s/o Abraham)

.                 Some refs claim that the Thomas Phillips of Rutherford Co is the above Thomas, but no proof given.  The census records for
.                 Campbell and Anderson Co's are not available online, so this can't be proven by the census records alone.
.                 1810 Rutherford Co, Tenn census, p 3, Thomas Phillips, 10010-00100.
.                 1820 Rutherford Co census, p 78, Thomas Philips, 210010-30010-02.
.                 1830 Rutherford Co census, this Thomas not located.

.                 issue: (1st 4 ch supposedly of Sarah, but this may be another family)

.             ?  
1.   Richard Phillips, b ca 1788 Pittsylvania Co.
.                       The following is apparently Richard Newton Phillips, b 1794 Granville Co, NC, s/o Bennett Phillips:
.                       1820 Rutherford Co, Tenn census, p 76, Richard Philips, 300010-00010.
.                                (listed near older Bennet and David Philips)
.                       1830 Rutherford Co census, p 312, Richard Philips, 102101-110001.

.             ?  
2.   Henry Phillips, b ca 1790 Pittsylvania Co.

.             ?  
3.   Nancy Phillips, b ca 1792 Pittsylvania Co.

.             ?  
4.   Murray Phillips, b ca 1798 Pittsylvania Co.

42111    ?  
5.   Joseph Phillips, b ca 1793-96 Va, m(1) Millie Lawson, m(2) Elizabeth Hicks.
.                       All other sources claim this Joseph to be the s/o Tobias Phillips, that is, Thomas' brother, but Tobias' son Joseph was
.                       b 16 Oct 1787, and was possibly the
Joseph Phillips (#4216) of Marengo Co, Ala.  Some sources state that this latter
.                       Joseph was Tobias' son.

6.   Jonathan Phillips, b 10 Oct 1800 "Scott Co", Tenn (or NC), m(1) Phoebe Goad, m(2) Lucrecia Terrell (Crecia).

42113    ?  
7.   John S. Phillips (Jack), b ca 1802-03 Tenn, m Kissiah Thomas.
.                       No proof he is a son of Thomas, but he was living close to Thomas Phillips' sons in 1850, plus the letter mentioned below
.                       by a descendant of John Phillips, b ca 1803, describes Tommie Phillips and kin coming to Tenn ca 1803.
.                       Claimed by one source to be the son of
William Tobias Phillips (#4212), but most websites list his parentage as unknown.
.                       This apparently confuses him with William's brother
John C. Phillips (#4211), b ca 1775.

42114    ?  
8.   Abraham Phillips, b ca 1807 Tenn, m Agness ____.
.                       No proof he is a son of Thomas, but was listed next to him in 1840.  Acc to one Ref, he was a s/o Charles Phillips, b ca 1770
.                       Haywood Co, NC, and Melvina ____.  No sources say he was s/o Thomas.

42115    ?  
9.   Jesse Phillips, b ca 1808-11 Tenn (or NC), m Nancy ____.
.                       Prob s/o Thomas Phillips.
.                       Living in Fentress Co, Tenn in 1840 and 1850.

10.   Emanuel Phillips, b 24 Nov 1813 Tenn, m(1) Leanner/Leander Sexton, m(2)____ Stephens.

11.   Elijah Phillips, b ca 1816-19 Tenn, m(1) Margaret Sexton, m(2) Tennessee Newport.

.                Ref:  1.   Ken Haas' notes contain a letter from a descendant of John Phillips, b ca 1803 Tenn.  Acc to Jahue Phillips in 1904,
.                               at age 86:  ".... Tommie Phillips, his brother Joseph and his son Johnathan Phillips .... came to Tenn ca 1803, from
.                              "Scott County, Virginia ...  Joseph and Jonathan were mere boys..."  This letter also states that Jahue was the 3rd child
.                               of Joseph Phillips who was born in "Scott Cty, Va in 1788."  Also Jahue went back to Virginia to see his Grandmother
.                               Tobias Phillips, with his Uncle John.  She had about 50 slaves.
.                         2.   Mrs E. A. Vowell gives Thomas' wife as Sarah Betts, who d 1841.  I don't know if this is his 2nd wife, or another fam-
.                               ily.  Supposedly Thomas' and Sarah's children were Richard, Henry, Mary, and Nancy, acc to notes of D.B. Peterson.
.                         3.   Ephraim Phillips of Yancy Co, NC (1850 census), was a "known" descendant of Tobias and Peggy Phillips.  He was
.                               b 1826 and m Sarah Elizabeth ____.  His dau Mary Louise Phillips, b 20 Apr 1848, d 8 Apr 1926, m 5 Nov 1865
.                               Yancy Co to
Reuben Thomas Hughett (#214), and they lived in Greene and Claiborne Co's, Tenn.  No evidence
.                               given that Ephraim was descended from Tobias and he was a s/o George E. Phillips, s/o Willis, s/o Nehemiah, acc to
.                               other sources.  Ephraim was age 46 in the 1860 Yancy Co, NC census.
.                               Ref:  "
Cox-Phillips Family Newsletter", Dec 1883, query by John W. Holt, and Jun 1882, query by Nellie R. Jeffreys.
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