.                       Chrisopher Sutphin of Loudoun Co, Va
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

.      Christopher Sutphin,1                                                                                                                            ?  (Jan,Jan,Dirck)
.          Prob the Christopher, bapt 10 Jun 1739 Marlborough, Monmouth Co, NJ, s/o Jan Sutphen Jr and Catrynte (Katrinke,Katherine)
.          Longstreet.  Jan was s/o Jan, s/o Dirck Jansen Van Zutphen, who arrived in America in 1651.

.          m (? Jane Sutphin).

.          No proof the above Christopher is the same as the following:
.          Christopher was in Loudoun Co, Va by 1774:
             He "witnessed the codicil to Richard Hall's will. This codicil was filed in Fauquier on 28 Mar 1774 and mentions land in Fauquier
.              which Hall had purchased of Richard and William Hampton. Hall's will of 1 Mar 1774 was proved 25 Jul 1774. Richard Hampton
.              died in 1766. A witness to Hampton's will was Charles Morehead who, along with Christopher Sutphin, also witnessed the codicil
.              mentioned above. Morehead was known to have land adjoining that of Hampton which later was acquired by Hall."
.              (per Ref 3 below)
.          1780 Loudoun Co tithable list, Cameron Parish, Christopher Sutphin.
.          1784 Loudoun Co tithable list, Cameron Parish, Christopher Sutphin.
.          1785 Loudoun Co tithable list, Cameron Parish, Christopher Sutphin, [He]ndrick (over 16), Nancy (black woman).
.                   (left edge of paper torn, with first part of Hendrick's name missing)
.          1785 Loudoun Co Slaveholders and Slaves, Christopher Sutphin, Jane.
.          1787 Loudoun Co tax list, Christopher Sutphin, 10033.  (one male >16 and <21, no slaves, 3 horse, 3 cows)

.          issue:

1.   William Sutphin, b 20 Dec 1761 NJ, m(1) Rachael Owing/Owen, m(2) Ailsy (? Carrington).
.                1780 Loudoun Co tithable list, Cameron Parish, William Sutphin.
.                Moved to Bedford Co, Va and later to Grayson Co, Va.

2.   Hendrick Sutphin, b ca 1768 NJ, m(1) Rachel Owen, m(2) Elizabeth Thompson.
.                1785 Loudoun Co tithable list, Cameron Parish, Hendrick Sutphin.
.                Moved to Bedford Co, Va and later to Montgomery and Grayson Co's, Va.

3.   John Sutphin, b 1770's (prior 1774).
.                1795: John went to Fauquier Co, Va from Loudoun Co.

4.   Christopher Sutphin, m(b) 11 Nov 1805 Fauquier Co, Va to Sarah Pendleton, d/o Sarah Pendleton.  Anthony Minter bonds-
.                man.
.                Poss same as following: (since Hendrick's and William's sons Christopher were too young)
.                1810 Russell Co, Va tax list, Christopher Sutvin, 1-0-0.
.                1814 Scott Co, Va: List of Petitioners to Form Scott Co: Christopher Sutphin.
.                1820 Scott Co, Va census, p 199, Christopher Sutphen, 310010-21001-01.
.                The following may be the same Christopher and some of his family, since about the right age:
.                1830 Franklin Co, Ind census, p 315, Christopher Sutfin, 00120001-101101.
.                1830 Franklin Co census, p 309, William Sutfin, 00001-30001.
.                1840 Franklin Co census, p 308, Ruth Sutphin, 01-1222001.

.          Note: Some sources give William and Hendrick's parents as William and Elizabeth Sutphin.  William supposedly b 1804 Bedford Co.
.                    Others give Hendrick's father as Thomas.  No documentation given for any of these.  Some sources give the father as Chris-
.                    topher, and much more details on those websites, compared with the ones giving other parentage.

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