.       Wiley Sutphin, c1814-16 - 1851, poss s/o William Sutphin
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.                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

19    Wiley Sutphin,3                                                                                                                   ?  1   (William,2,Christopher,1)
.             b ca 1814-16 Va; d 24 Dec 1851 Carroll Co, Va, accidentally killed by a discharged pistol shot (see article below).
.                Reputedly s/o the older William Sutphin, but he could be the otherwise unidentified son (b ca 1815-20) of William Sutphin Jr,
.                thus explaining the comment in the article below about Wiley's "uncle" John Sutphin.  John Perry Alderman stated that Wiley
.                was "probably the elder William Sutphin's son" in his "
1850 Census: Annotated Carroll County, Virginia".
.             m 1 May 1844 Surry Co, NC to Jane Nester, b 14 Apr 1825 Va, d 18 Jun 1898 Ky, d/o
William Nester (#C) and Mary Goad
.                 (d/o
Robert and Isabel Goad (#34)).
.             Jane m(2) in Ky to Benjamin C. Wages, b Jan 1826 Ky, d 1919, prob s/o Moses and Rebecca Wages.  Benjamin had m(1) Nancy
.                 Burton, b ca 1826, d 15 Apr 1855 Morgan Co, Ky, d/o Andrew and Susan Burton.
.                 See
pictures of her and Benjamin on the page for William Nester (#C).

.             1850 Carroll Co, Va census, 11th Dist, p 338, #285/285, Wiley Sutfin,36 Va, farmer, $150, Jane,23 Va, Mary J.,4 Va, William H.,
.                      1 Va.
.             1850 Morgan Co, Ky census, p 167, #1106/1106, Benjamin Wages,24 Ky, laborer, Nancy,24 Ky, Elizabeth,2 Ky, Nancy,10/12
.                      Ky.
.             1855 Morgan Co tax list, Jane Sutphin.
.             1860 Magoffin Co, Ky census, Licking Station, p 81, #554/554, Benja Wages,35 Ky, farmer, $1200, $200, Jane,35 Va, cook,
.                      Mary J. Sutton,14 Va, Wm Sutton,12 Va, Lucy Sutton,10 Va, Susan Wages,10 Ky, Rebecca,8 Ky, Louisa,4 Ky, B.F.,1 Ky.
.             1870 Morgan Co census, Pct 4, Black Water, p 369, #98/96, Benjamin Wages,43 Ky, farmer, $350, $250, Jane,42 Va, William,21
.                      Va, Susan,19 Ky, Rebecca,18 Ky, Louisa,16 Ky, Benjamin,12 Ky, James H.,7 Ky, Vina,4 Ky, Martha,7/12 Ky.
.             1880 Morgan Co census, Black Water, p 525C, #123/126, Ben Wages,53 Ky (SC,Pa), farmer, Jane,52 Va, B. Gardner,17 Ky,
.                      works on farm,Vina B.,12 Ky, Marthy C.,10 Ky.
.             1900 Magoffin Co census, Dist 3, Johnson Fork, ED 55, sheet 24, #423/428, Benjamin Wages, Jan 1826 Ky (wid), living with
.                      John and Lucy Back.

.             issue:

1.   Mary Jane Sutphin, b ca 1846-47 Va, m 14 Jul 1871 Morgan Co, Ky to her 1st cousin William R. Nester, b ca 1855 Va, s/o
Franklin William Nester (Frank) (#C4) and Rebecca R. Webb (d/o Robert Webb (Robin) (#12) and Elizabeth Nester
.                   (Betty)).
.                   1870  Morgan Co census, Pct 4, Black Water, p 368, #93/91, Mary Sutfin,23 Va, domestic servant with John and Alcy Bartley
.                             family.
.                   No further record of this family.

2.   William Henry Sutphin, b 12 Jan 1849 Va, m(1) Emma C. ____, m(2) Lulu ____.
.                   Moved to Marion Co, Kans.

3.   Lucy Ann Sutphin, b 18 Jun 1852 Ky, d 7 Feb 1919 Fritz, Magoffin Co, Ky, m 20 Feb 1870 to John Wesley Back, b 6 Jul
.                   1849 Flat Gap, Va, d 19 Jul 1906 Seitz, Magoffin Co, s/o Isaac Back and Mary Anne Bolling (Polly).
.                   Lived in Magoffin Co, Ky.
.                   issue:
a.   Sarah Jane Back, b 17 Dec 1870 Seitz.
b.   William Reuben Back, b 10 Dec 1873 Seitz.
c.   Emily Susan Back, b 1875 Seitz.
d.   Alvin Monroe Back, b 13 Nov 1877 Seitz.
e.   Green Wesley Back, b 29 Mar 1880 Seitz.
f.   Benjamin Freddie Back, b 28 Feb 1882 Seitz.
g.   Mary Belle Back, b 13 Jun 1884 Seitz.
h.   Martha Elizabeth Back, b 4 Mar 1886 Seitz.
i.   Isaac Eddie Back, b 11 Mar 1888 Seitz.
j.   Harlan Kennis Back, b 7 Apr 1890 Seitz.
k.   Marlin Bartow Back, b 10 Mar 1892 Seitz.
l.   Junie Mae Back, b 22 Jun 1894 Seitz.

.              Ref:   1.   Correspondence with David Riser of Seitz, Ky, who has published info on the Back and related families in:
.                            "
The Journal of the Magoffin County Historical Society".
.                        2. "
Frederick Nester (ca 1709-1782) Of Berks County, Pennsylvania And Descendants", May 2003, Vol 1, Michael D.
.                              Nestor.
.                        3.   Correspondence with Donna Sutphin Armentrout, taken from "
People's Press", Salen, NC, Vol I, No 48, Jan 10, 1852:
.                             'On the evening of December 24th 1851, a number of persons attended the examination of a school in the lower end of
.                              Carrol County (VA).  Some boys raised a quarrel with  part of the scholars - and a lad named Warren BOLT (not a
.                              scholar) drew a pistol; upon one of the pupils.,  Major C. TURMAN, a justice of the peace, went among the youths to
.                              suppress the riot, and a man named Wiley SUTPHIN, took the pistol from Bolt.  Some person unfortunately cried
.                              out that the pistol was not loaded.  Sutphin handed it to Major Turman, and he was in the act of examing the weapon
.                              it fired - the ball entered Sutphin's head just over the left eye, causing instantaneous death.  A coroner's jury sat, on
.                              Christmas Day, and in accordance with the facts, returned a verdict of "accidental death," entirely exculpating Major
.                              Turman from blame.  He was in fact on especially friendly terms with the unfortunate victim of a bad boy's miscon-
.                              duct.  Sutphin was about thirty-five years old and left a destitute widow and three small children.  About ten days ago,
.                              Mr. John SUTPHIN, of Carrol Conty, uncle of the man whose death occrred at the school house which we have men-
.                              tioned, was returning wih his wagon from North Carolina.  In the neighborhood of Mt Airy, his team ran away with
.                              him - he was thrown under the wagon, two wheels passed over his body, dislocating his shoulder, and otherwise terri-
.                              bly crushing him.  It is hoped however, that he will recover.'
.   John Wesley Back, Emily Susan, Lucy Ann (Sutphin)
.                   picture courtesy of David Risner
.  picture taken from 16" X 20" tintype made in the 1880's